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Thanks so much for being patient with me, I know you all are were like where the hek is her outfit posts? But so far January has been a busy one for me, as I’m trying to evolve and make this website much better. As I grow and acquire new interests, I want to share it all with you guys and carry you along on this journey with me.

Lately it has been freezing cold in NYC and I’ve been wearing my turbans on a regular basis, even to work.  1. because I love turbans, I live and breathe for them…haha ok…clearly I’m being a tad bit dramatic. But seriously wearing my turban allows me to still feel fab in the winter instead of wearing frumpy hats, so winter coats heels and turbans has been my uniform.

Over the weekend I made my way to the city to have brunch with some friends and then met up with the hubbz and little one for a mini shopping spree. I’ve been feeling super stressed at work lately and feeling under valued and simply not appreciated. The feeling sucks I can tell you that, but I’m in a much better place now and I have support from the people who actually matters.  After brunch we decided to take a walk through central park and we stopped at the bow bridge. The view is absolutely stunning. Actually the bow bridge is quite popular in the big city. We saw tons of people taking wedding pictures and engagement pix as well. There were so many photographers there as well,who wanted to take pictures of me, it was the turban I’m sure. lol. After we left the bow bridge we went to Trader Joes our favorite place. I love everything there. Let me know if you have any recommendations I love trying new things.

Oh I couldn’t wait to wear this jacket I love the way it fits, it’s a Romwe find. The color is perfect and it can be worn with everything since it’s a neutral color I plan on wearing with all white underneath during the Spring.

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Photos By, James A Williams

What I wore; Jacket {Here} Jeans {Here} {Similar} Heels  {Similar} {Similar} Bag F21 {Similar} Necklace {Similar} Love this one {Here} Turban Scarf  {Similar} {Similar} {Similar}

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