Hey Guys! Meet Chanel founder and director of My Fabulous FoodChanel will be delivering fantastic recipes to the blog that we know will have you running to the supermarket to buy every single ingredient to create her beautiful masterpieces. We interviewed Chanel asking her all the questions we think you would want to know as well.I hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

What is the story behind your brand name “My Fabulous Food“?

My Fabulous Food’s name stemmed from an online jewelry boutique I owned named All ThingsFabulous. I loved food just as much as fashion, so decided to stick with the word “fabulous” and use it in my blog’s name.


When did your love for cooking begin?

My love for cooking began when I was in college.  I used to practice in my friend’s kitchen and try different recipes.


What was the first cooking utensil you purchased? Do you still have it?

In college, I purchased this huge red pot to steam crab legs. I still have it, and use it quite often.


Who or what inspires you?

I’m inspired by Chrissy Teigen and Ayesha Curry.  They are both beautiful self-taught cooks who love to experiment in the kitchen.


Did you go to culinary school or were you self-taught?

I am self-taught.


What is your favorite dish?

My favorite dish is shrimp fettucine Alfredo.


Where is your favorite place to eat? 

I fall in love with different restaurants all the time, so I don’t have a favorite place to eat.


What celebrity would you love to cook for? 

I would love to cook a meal for Odell Beckham.


What should every beginner chef have in their kitchen? 

Every beginner should have a quality cast iron pan in their kitchen.  These pans last for decades, do not contain harmful chemical coatings, are easy to transport from the stovetop to the oven, and fortify your food with iron.


“…my drive and competitiveness with myself pushes me to learn from my mistakes and do better every time”

What will you eat no matter what?

Crab legs.  I’m a crab leg fanatic!


How do you remain confident in this industry and what separates you?

I focus on myself, and I don’t concern myself too much with what other people are doing. My passion and creativity separate me. This isn’t a fad for me. I truly love it, and it shows. I strive for excellence and perfection in everything that I do. Also, my drive and competitiveness with myself pushes me to learn from my mistakes and do better every time.


What’s your favorite movie? 

My favorite movie is Boomerang. 


Have you been featured on any popular sites before? If so which sites? 

I’ve been featured on Essence Magazine and Fox News’ websites recently. 


Tell me something about yourself that no one would guess?

I have a pet turtle that is almost 20 years old.


What’s a common newbie cooking mistake?

As a newbie, I used to cook food at a temperature that was too high!


What books have your read that helped made you the woman that you are today? They can be non-cooking related.

The Secret, Rich Dad Poor Dad, and The Alchemist. These books all have a common theme of positive thinking and creating your reality through your thoughts.



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