It’s a brand new year, so it’s time for a brand new you!  I know, I know you are tired of hearing that phrase right? But the start of a new year is the perfect time to reinvent your look. It’s time to shake things up, and give yourself a new vibe. It might just give you an extra burst of confidence to take on the world. (Or at least get your never-ending to-do list done!) It’s easier than you think too. Today, I’m going to show you how to reinvent your look quickly and easily.

Find a new style icon this New Year

rirri-and-I-Rihanna  always been my favorite


First of all, you need some new inspiration! We all have that one actress or singer we look to for fashion guidance, right? We steal little bits of their outfit, or try to emulate their hair. Who’s yours? Perhaps this year, it’s time to find a new icon. Everyone has their own unique style, so look elsewhere for some styling tips and tricks.  Nowadays since Rihanna is MIA now I usually get my inspiration through Pinterest.

Skin care

When your skin is healthy, it radiates and shines. When you treat your skin well, it automatically glows. It’s all you need to reinvent yourself. It gives you an aura, and a confidence. Make 2016 the year you put your skin first. Start by making small changes to your diet. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables (a smoothie is a good way to get them all in!) Then, eat plenty of fish, and get a moisturizer that really works for you. You’ll notice the difference quickly!

Makeup and hairIslandChic77 How to Beautify Yourself for Date Night

We all have that same morning routine. We do our hair in one of two usual styles, and stick to the same old makeup regime. We don’t all have time to experiment at 7.30am before work or school! But, a hair and makeup makeover can completely transform your look. Try setting aside some time on the weekend, and try out new hair and makeup looks. It won’t take long before you find a new style you love. Learn it, practice it, and let that become your new routine. New hair, new you!


                                                                Disclaimer: These are her real eyes

The eyes are the first thing anyone notices about you, either consciously or subconsciously. They always make a striking impression, so try changing things up a bit. You can start simple by experimenting with new eye liner styles or a bigger mascara. Or, you could go one step further, and get some colored lenses from Lensdirect. A new sparkle of color in your eyes will completely reinvent your style.

Fashion and accessories

Spring Easter Islandchic77 Fashion Photoshoot

Each of these changes should improve your confidence and style. However, you probably still want to hit the shops, and look for new clothes! We’re not always eager to spend after Christmas, so my go to trick is to invest in accessories. They’re cheaper, and they will completely revolutionize your outfits. Try hitting the sales too; there are plenty of bargains to be found at this time of year. Treat yourself to a whole new look!

There are plenty of options for you here to reinvent your look. Where will you start?

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