The holidays are over, which for most of us means that it’s time to go back to work. While you may not like the idea of returning to work, there’s no need to get around it. Instead, spend some time focusing on giving your workwear a new boost of life. Trust me, a few chic accessories can instantly add glamour and style to your look, giving you a major confidence boost. Every woman knows that when it comes to workwear, it’s all about confidence.

To help you update your workwear, adding style and glamour, here are a few tips and ideas to get you looking fab!

Don’t be afraid to add color


When it comes to workwear, far too many of us are afraid to add color to our looks. However, that shouldn’t be the case, as a little bit of color can take your look to a whole new level. Okay,so you might not want to show up in a bright fuschia dress or a cobalt blue shirt to work, but there are plenty of subtle ways you can add color.

For adding a little extra color to your workwear, accessories like patterned blazers and bright scarves can be ideal. If you want to add color without looking too bright, opt for muted shades, such as pastel hues. These will add brightness to your look, without being too bold and eye-catching. I love this look on Rihanna.

Team your look with a stylish bag


Just because you’re off to work, that doesn’t mean that you can’t look glamorous. When it comes to adding a subtle style to your look, picking the right bag is crucial. Of course, when it comes to choosing a work bag, it’s not just about style but also comfort and functionality.


If you’re going to be commuting to work, you need a bag that is comfortable to carry and can hold everything that you need it to. That’s why a backpack style bag is perfect for teaming with your workwear. Not only does it hold everything that you need it to, but it’s also comfortable, and if you pick the right design, stylish too. For the perfect bag, check out these stylish backpacks by Shinola. These types of designs are ideal for teaming with workwear as they’re neutral.


Dress up your workwear with jewelry



For a more elegant work look, jewelry is a must. Of course, when it comes to choosing the perfect jewelry for wearing to work, it can be a little tricky. While you want to add style and elegance to your look, what you don’t want to do is wear too much jewelry.

The key to teaming work-wear with jewelry is subtlety; you need to ensure that you only ever wear minimalist pieces. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that to have an impact on your look your jewelry must be bold, because that’s not the case. Even the most delicate of pieces can have a big impact on your look, so don’t make the mistake of wearing jewelry that’s too bold.

Make shoes your best friend


When it comes to dressing up your workwear, your shoes need to be your best friend. The great thing about shoes is that with the right pair, you can give your look a massive style boost while still looking professional.

A patterned pair of shoes can work wonders to add a little style to a dull, monochrome work look. They can make your whole outfit look a lot chicer and more elegant. It’s just a case of ensuring that your pick a design that is not only stylish but also appropriate for the office. Get the balance between the two right, and you can get your work-wear look on point!

So there you have it, a guide to using accessories to update your work-wear and add style. I hope that these tips and ideas will help you to feel happier and more confident in your workwear.

Thanks For Reading you guys! Also let me know if you have any tips that you use to spice up your workwear.


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