Beauty is pain. It’s a saying you’ve heard hundreds of times before. Women pluck and wax our most sensitive areas, {I’m guilty}squeeze ourselves into Spanx so tight we can’t breathe, and subject our poor little toes to shoes so painful they could make a grown man cry.LOL

Well, you might not be able to stop waxing anytime soon, but there are ways you can make wearing your favorite heels a little less painful. Take a look at a few of these tips before wearing your pumps.

Find the Right Size Shoe

Ladies, I can’t stress this enough,if you have a wide foot, find a wide shoe.{Simple} Your feet will not look any better squeezed into a size that’s too small. They’ll look their best in something that actually fits. If your shoe is too tight it can cause blisters and cut off your circulation—AKA, the cause of that painful throbbing sensation.

Check out the collections at Woman Within for a variety of women’s shoes in a number of shapes and styles. They have a different options for medium, wide, and extra-wide shoes, so you’re sure to find one that fits your feet perfectly.

Try Low, Chunky Heels

As much as we would all love to believe we were born to wear six-inch heels, we really weren’t. But since most of us wouldn’t dare ditch our heels, how about a bit of compromise? How about opting for just a few inches off your heel it can increase your comfort level immensely. I usually wear between 4-5inches.

Any kind of boot or bootie with a lower heel (think three inches or less) can do the trick and look really nice with jeans or skirts. They’re usually wider too, which is great for the fuller-footed gal. If you want to stick to pumps or sandals, low chunkier heels are very trendy right now. WhenThe New York Times named seven of the most popular shoes from New York fashion week, more than half were short chunky heel.  I think It’s safe to say, when you start shopping for the style, you won’t be short on options.

Get a Pair of Insoles

An article from Bustle recommends adding gel insoles to your heel in order to make them more comfortable. The right insole can help prevent blisters, keep your toes from scrunching, and relieve some of the pressure on your foot by supporting your arch and evenly distributing your weight. If your toes are constantly sliding forward, grab a cushion that’s specially designed to hold the ball of your foot in place.

Add them to shoes in your current collection to feel like your walking on a cloud (when you’re really walking in stilettos).

Combine a few of these tips and you can continue to wear your favorite heels all day, with less pain than ever. So  give your flats a vacation, and release your inner Beyonce, and wear those heels. :)

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