What to Do to Create the Ultimate Wardrobe

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Every woman I’ve ever known has had wardrobe trouble from one time to another. Putting together a good wardrobe can be tricky after all. You want to make sure everything suits you, and that you feel confident. You also want to make sure that your clothes stand the test of time, and that everything can be worn together. If you’re not careful, you’ll end up with a wardrobe full of clothes you don’t love, and no idea how to wear them. These tips will help you to create the ultimate wardrobe:

Keep Cheap Items Simple

Everybody has their own individual style when it comes to clothing, which is one of the things that makes dressing even more fun and interesting. However, you should aim to keep cheap items you buy fairly simple. If you’re buying something from a discount or cheap clothing store, then it’s usually a good idea to keep them as simple as possible. Something with a simple cut or fit, and a neutral color. You will not be able to tell the difference between a piece like this and a piece from a designer store. If you are going to buy patterned or brightly colored pieces from a cheap store, try to make sure they are a decent material. You don’t want to get your new pieces home and realize that they look cheap and tacky, which can happen quite often.

Look for Heavier Fabrics

When shopping, wherever you may be shopping, look for heavier fabrics to ensure a higher quality of clothing. This is something i do all the time.  They’ll last longer and look much better. When it comes to pants, jeans, tops, and jumpers this is especially important. Trust me. Ask yourself if this kind of material is likely to last for awhile or after several washes.

Mix Up Designer and High Street

You don’t need to dress head to toe in designer wear to look great. However, I don’t advise you purchase solely designer either. Some designer items can be a great investment and will last. For example, I know bloggers who like to wear designer accessories like bags, and then mix them with cheaper basics. Mixing the two is a great way to create outfits you can afford yet look great in. You’ll really get your wear out of them too! I personally love spending a bit more on shoes.

Don’t Be Afraid to Buy Vintage

Vintage clothing can be a great investment too, you just need to make sure that you’re taking the time to find something of true quality that is worth your money. Vintage pieces are unique and can help you to express your personality that much better. You want to make sure that the item is of good quality before you buy, and that it fits you. If it doesn’t, it could be a good idea to look into a tailor who could alter it for you. After a while, you’ll be able to spot vintage bargains on site! Thrifting is a great way to score vintage clothing.

Make Sure Pieces Fit You Properly

Make sure absolutely anything you buy fits you properly. This might even mean buying different sizes from different stores to get the best fit. As a rule, you should ignore the clothing label for eg. {S/M} and go by the fit instead. Try a few sizes on and see what feels/looks best on you. It’s usually best to go slightly too big than too small, but you can always visit a tailor to get the best possible fit.

Don’t Buy on a Whim

Try not to buy anything on a whim. Unless you’re absolutely sure it’s quality, worth your money, and you can wear it with plenty of other items in your wardrobe. Buying on a whim is what can leave you with lots of items that go unworn. #Guilty

Shop for Your Lifestyle

You shouldn’t only shop for clothes that look great on you, shop for your lifestyle too. If you hate nights out and don’t plan on going out anytime soon, why would you buy an evening gown or that sequin mini skirt? You’ll never get to wear it, even if you do look fabulous in it! Shop for the kind of lifestyle you have, or even the kind of lifestyle you want. Just make sure you wear the clothes you buy. Got it?:)

Stay Away from Fads

Staying away from fad fashion trends is a must, unless you want a wardrobe full of things considered ‘so last week’. Fashion fades, but true style never goes anywhere. This is why it’s important to know your own personal style, and what suits you. It’s so much better to be a trendsetter than somebody who follows the crowd. You can find your own style with the help of sites like www.styledbymarieclaire.com.au.

Invest in Accessories

Accessories can make a plain outfit stand out. They can make a boring outfit look incredible. They can simply enhance an outfit that seems to have something missing. Invest in your accessories, as they are important! Buying the occasional costume jewelry piece is fine, but they won’t last very long. If you can invest in quality pieces, then you’ll hardly ever need to replace them. You should have both statement pieces and pieces that aren’t as bold. You should build up a jewelry collection the same way you would your clothing collection.

Have ‘Capsules’ for Different Occasions

Having capsule pieces for different occasions is important. For instance, a work capsule, an evening capsule, and a gym capsule. In this capsules you’ll include things like a couple of jackets, handful of tops, interchangeable leggings, a couple of pairs of shoes, etc. You’ll make sure that they can all be switched up to make a ton of different items. Having capsule wardrobes makes it so much easier to get dressed and shop. You’ll never find yourself without anything to wear providing you use the rest of the tips in this guide!

Take these tips on board when looking to create the ultimate wardrobe and you’ll have one that you love. I promise. You may need to start all over again for this to work; you don’t want your old clothes that you never even wear to confuse you!

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