The Top 5 Pieces That Need to Be on Your Spring Shopping List

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How are you guys? I missed you all like cray cray, lol I hate that word. But seriously I have been busy working on some projects that will be coming soon to Islandchic77. I’m too excited! Can’t wait to share that with you all. #WaitForIt

Tribeca has been my spot lately for photo-shoots and just hanging with the family.. The cobblestone streets are so sexy and gives off that true New York City vibe. I especially appreciate Sunday mornings in Tribeca, where the streets are quiet and all you see are families with their dogs, or folks just having brunch and taking things slow. I love that. Oh and Tribeca is known for some amazing restaurants as well.

This Spring I really want to try the minimalist approach when it comes to putting my outfits together. Lately with everything happening all at once in my life, simple looks and key pieces,not only help build my wardrobe,but I’m able to get out the house in less time. So I have been investing in those key pieces and I encourage you to do the same. Plus, less is more. I honestly never understood that quote until now. I definitely receive a lot more compliments when my outfits are simple, and each piece can be appreciated. What I love the most about the minimalist approach, is that since the pieces are usually plain, you can pretty much shop anywhere. There’s no need to break the bank, just make sure that the material  is sturdy. Read my latest post on how to create the ultimate wardrobe. {Link} Okay let’s get into the 4 pieces that you should own right now.

The perfect Spring Coat/Trench

What’s a spring outfit without a coat right? Your outerwear should be just as important, as it’s the glue that keeps the outfit together. Your coat should emphasize the shape of your body. A coat should in many ways silhouette the overall shape of your body.

Invest in a classic white shirt

In all honesty I own 5 white shirts. Why? Well why not. A woman needs several white shirts for different occasions. The perfect white button up is a simple, timeless, and multifunctional staple piece that can be worn anytime of the year. Which is why, I own 5 lol. A white shirt can be worn with anything. And you can make it effortlessly chic by messily rolling up the sleeves or putting the collar up and pair it with jean shorts and cute  flats during summer or button the cuffs and pair it with a high waisted skirt and pointed toe heels for a business meeting. Or wear it like me, with high waist jeans. The options to styling a white button up are endless; its versatility creates a wonderful base for any outfit.

Create The Perfect Silhouette

I absolutely love high waist jeans. Actually highwaist anything. It creates a wonderful hourglass shape on a woman. We can all be Beyonce’s- Yesss.  My husband loves me in highwaist jeans.  It elongates the legs and prevents that awful muffin top that can be seen in low waist jeans.

Go Nude

Nude heels!! Obviously, what else were you thinking. Every woman should own a nude pair of heels.  If you have yet to own a pair, shame on you. A nude heel should be called the power heel, or the magic shoe, because it literally creates longer legs which we all want. Similar to a black pump a nude heel is very versatile and can be worn during the day and night. If it’s not on your spring shopping list, you should be book marking this page and adding it to a shopping cart now. LOL, I’m serious.

Invest in a classic watch

A watch is that one piece on a woman that I always admire. I can tell a lot from a woman by the watch she wears.  There is a certain confidence you feel from owning a timeless watch-it will help you feel more successful. When you’re just starting your  watch wardrobe you will need a classic. I’m  currently obsessed with my watch from Daniel Wellington. It’s perfect, timeless and sophisticated and goes with everything.  This beauty is dark chocolate and rose gold, sounds yummy right:) It’s the perfect size and looks amazing on my wrist.


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Use code ISLANDCHIC, for 15% off at Daniel Wellington. Also if you are in the New York area you can use the code at their pop up shop as well, this wednesday at 444 Broome Street. from 6-10pm

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