Design and fashion sense comes to some people as naturally as eating a hamburger. To others, the very mention of these words can cause severe anxiety, making them fall short of ideas and motivation to go on. To those whom it may concern, it’s all in your head! Take our word! When it comes to style and fashion, there are no rules or guidebooks, only truly your inner calling that you are supposed to follow. Genuine style exudes straight from the heart and surfaces to one’s body effortlessly. The women who realize this simple little rule of thumb, and turn their inner calling into a fashion statement, are bound to go places.

Keeping your personal inclination towards trends of past and present primary to all other advice, we would, however, like you to consider a few quick tips that will give you an edge over others and help you stay in the green zone of stylometers. Below detailed are fairly easy ways of staying notified of up to the minute trends in clothing and accessories that do not require you to deviate from your daily groove; rather, make it more pleasant and reviving. After all, you do good if you feel good, you feel good if you look good.

Experience the Runway

Rihanna at NYFW

Designers and fashion brands showcase their upcoming merchandise once or twice every year. The runway shows organized for this purpose can educate you profusely on the wide range of latest fashion trends, as these shows are hosted and attended by people who are in the industry or piqued by it.

Being among a plethora of fashion enthusiasts is a guaranteed way of inspiring your individual styling. This is why it is always enlivening to be part of fashion related events as audience, volunteer, organizer, whatever you may.

You might not find yourself wearing the slightly queer clothes and accessories runway women are so comfortably cat walking in, but notice the colors, designs, patterns, shapes, etc. and the cut of the dresses. You can get more wearable versions of runway fashion in street stores a couple of months later. Having prior knowledge straight from the runway will keep you ahead of others when these trends hit the local stores.

Read Fashion Publications


Fashion publications by experts and amateurs are available online and in paper, fairly easily. You can skim through the latest edition of Vogue while on a tram or dig online into the website of a fashion blogger who gives off the same style vibe as you. Either way, fashion publications compile and review the endorsements of trendsetters from around the world. It’s a great way of knowing what’s hot and what’s not in the fashion industry that blends in with everyday life.

Surf the Social Media

Social media brings you snippets from the personal lives of celebrities and designers. Fashion bloggers and enthusiasts are found offering free advice and insights into which mix and matches work good and which do not. Twitter and Instagram are the most widely accepted channels for exchange of such exciting inside stories. Follow your style inspirations or find your way to new, young people through any fashion hashtag. You can also converse with people and get your fashion queries answered. Internet is truly a great place to begin.

Go Window Shopping

This might apparently sound like an utter waste of time, but if you’re really into staying up to date with latest fashion trends, window shopping will be nothing short of inspiring for you. Because you are examining things beyond their suitability for your specific taste, you run into a lot of random displays that you wouldn’t have noticed otherwise.

Sometimes, window shopping can drive you out of your comfort zone to try new, unique trends that might actually complement your outlook. It also opens you up to designer wear and shops you seem to overlook while shopping for a specific occasion. So, go loitering into malls and discover the prevailing trends you had been missing out on.

Visit Thrift Stores


Thrift store chic has been a popular style of dressing among the hippies since 1960s. Grunge bands, such as Nirvana, revived the style and it is still widely endorsed by the youth. The fun in thrift shopping is that it’s inexpensive and raw. The more raggedy your outfit, the more edgy your outlook!

At thrift stores, you can find antique clothes and accessories, which were part of trends of the past, and add a contemporary piece of jewelry to top a punk, style diva look. The amalgamation of vintage and contemporary trends never has, and never will go out of fashion.


IslandChic77 Rocker Chic Look

Accessories and jewelry add an unfathomable life to your outfit. For Tamara Rappa, founder and editor-in-chief of an anticipated forthcoming online fashion magazine, “Personal style is the mix of clothing and accessories that one constantly gravitates toward. To find your own, I(she) think(s) you should first focus on what looks good on you, then tune in to which accessories always attract your attention.”

Wearing a heavily bedazzled necklace with a plain little dress is a glamorous way of gleaming up your look.  Accessories are timeless and can jazz up even out of fashion outfits. A good collection of accessories and jewelry stocked up is a valuable closet compartment.

Stay in Loop with Trend Forecasts

Trend Forecasting is an expanding stem of the fashion industry; you can already find many professionals and experts busy in the act. Read their blogs and journals, learn from them, and be friends with people in the field. Through collected data, they analyze where public fashion tendencies lie now and in the future.

Many designers hire trend forecasters and launch products based upon their forecasts. If you get the inside word directly from the sources of designers, you can edit and rejuvenate your wardrobe beforehand.

The aforementioned tips do come in handy in staying atop the latest trends in fashion and design, but no trend should deluge your own fashion sense. The key to finding your own fashion statement is in preferring your taste in outfits over what the experts say. In the wise words of Olga Kammerer, the U.S. correspondent for the German magazines  Freundin  and  Donna, “Style is taking elements from ‘fashion’—what you see in magazines and movies and on the street—and making it completely your own, wearing it in a way that only you would wear it.”

This article was assembled by CREORoom – Fashion Spot with the goodwill that it enlightens women to find their true selves in the latest fashion trends by staying up to date with them. We hope it served the purpose.


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