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Everybody’s figure is different but some women don’t like a particular part of their body. Whether they think their not attractive or their breasts are too big or small, there is often something they wish to change. In fact, this article revealed 97% of ladies hate their body at least once a day. So more people than ever are going under the knife to change their body. Here are some of the main reasons why people are choosing to get plastic surgery.

How their body looks is making them unhappy

The main reason people are choosing to go under the knife is that they are unhappy with how they look. It can often lead to them feeling so unhappy that they can become depressed. For a lot of women, it’s often their excess fat around the stomach which upsets them. It can affect what they wear as they feel they look fat. They try many diets but unfortunately it is hard to lose the pounds. Therefore, they are often choosing a tummy tuck. For others, it’s their breasts that are making them unhappy. Although there is no perfect size, a lot of women feel their breasts are too small or too big. Therefore, they are going for surgery so they are happier with how they look. Skin is also another cause of making a woman unhappy. They feel they have too many wrinkles and it’s making them feel old. A lot of people turn to Botox to help them.

They lack in confidence

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A lot of women go under the knife because they lack confidence. They feel that if they looked better, they would be able to be a more confident woman. When they hate their body, it can make women less likely to go on dates or even want to make friends.  I personally fee that confidence comes from within, and that plastic surgery is a temporary fix. But According to companies like, having surgery can boost self-confidence.

They have been in an accident

Another reason women go for plastic surgery is that they have been in an accident which has left them with a scar they hate. Whatever the accident, a scar can make a woman feel less confident and they are constantly looking at the mark. They feel people are staring at them. Therefore, a lot of people head for surgery so that they can be happier again with how they look.

They want to look younger

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One of the reasons that women go under the knife is that they want to look younger. As we start to get older, we can gain wrinkles and ageing marks on our face which we find unappealing. Therefore, a lot of people decide to go for Botox to help reduce these so that they can age gracefully.

It’s important to make sure you understand the risks of plastic surgery before you go through with it. And if you decide you want it, make sure you find a good doctor to do it so it doesn’t end up having to be redone.

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