13718650_1045717488799234_4141701250411492487_n10 Ways to Rock Your Boyfriend’s Clothes and Still Look Good

For days that when you wake up late at your boyfriend’s place or you just want to wear something other than a all-girly looking outfit, here are 10 ways to rock pieces from your bf’s wardrobe:

1. Oversized tops paired with leggings or skinny jeans

Fashion Gum shared tips on how to wear big bf shirts, and this includes NFL or baseball jerseys, graphic tees, etc. Pair them with fitted bottoms, and complete the outfit with sneakers, gladiator sandals/heels or espadrilles for that everyday casual look.

2. Dark jeans matched with a light colored shirt or vice versa

Contrast is still important so wear those light colored shirts with a dark bottom piece or do it the other way around. Cuff up the sleeves to further add a feminine touch.

3. Coats worn as capes

Start with regular or ripped jeans and pair it with a girly top, then wear your bf’s coat over the top. Finish the look with heels or leather kicks.

4. Button shirt overlapping a dress

Layering is another excellent way of rocking your boyfriend’s clothes, as advised by All Women’s Talk. Wear your dress and add a solid colored button shirt on top. To make your figure stand out, wrap a belt around the outside.

5. Bf dress shirt transformed into a tunic

You can also turn your bf’s dress shirt into a tube. First, unbutton the shirt and wear it with the collar wrapped around your back. Next, button it up then grab and wrap the sleeves at the front. Lastly, tie the sleeves into a bow to hold everything together.

6. Sport one of his hats

Wear your bf’s fedora hat to cover that bedhead look. You can also rock a baseball cap or a flat cap in the same way.

7. Accent a plain white tee with accessories

white teeA white shirt can be paired with almost any type of clothing, but to make the look more sophisticated and stylish, add accents by putting on accessories.

8. Blazer on top of a band shirt or statement shirt

NYC stylist Christine Cameron also gave recommendations for rocking your bf’s clothes. Grab your bf’s band or statement shirt and partner it with dark denim and black, low-cut, heeled boots. Put on a black blazer for that biker/band chick vibe.

9. Knotted dress shirt paired with a skirt

Strut this classy look by taking a plain dress shirt and knotting it at the waist. Next, put on an eye-catching skirt and stilettos for a more vogue, yet relaxed appeal.

10. Bf cardigan over a girl tank or blouse

To use your bf’s slouchy cardigan, put it on over a floral, girly tank or blouse, paired with leather fitted bottoms. Leave the buttons undone and roll up the sleeves to achieve that laid back look.

There you have it. Of course, don’t forget that on top of style, it’s also important that you feel comfortable and at ease with what you are wearing. And you should always remember that there’s no need to be bound by gender when it comes to the clothes you wear.

Kate Pietrasik, a 15-year veteran in womenswear design and founder of childrens’ clothing label Tootsa, was interviewed by Wear and Where, offering her tips on clothing, and feels fashion should shed its gender conformity and become more neutral, allowing for more freedom of expression for both children and adults. Thus, don’t worry about wearing your boyfriend’s clothing, you shouldn’t feel the need to conform to any dress code – be yourself, and create new styles while you’re at it.


Grace is a contributor for various online and print magazines. When not writing, she can be seen roaming the floors and halls of boutiques and malls to check out (or sometimes try out and shop for) the latest fashion releases. She can be reached via e-mail at gracelynjadyn@yahoo.com

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