We all have aspirations for our lives. We spend time daydreaming about what the future holds. We can be guilty of thinking that perhaps we are the only ones who have these thoughts. But I can bet that we all have those same daydreams at some point in our lives. Right?Which is why I thought I would share with what I believe, are the most common things that women consider at some point in their lives. Maybe you might share some of them yourself.

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Becoming a mother

I think some women at some point think about this. It’s not the case of having that need to become a mother, but more that we just consider it. As years go on we can all be conscious of our body clock ticking away. It’s crazy how it happens, but I remember just waking up one day and was like okay, I’m ready to be a mom, James, make it happen lol. Some women will have a desperate need to be a mother. That desire is there, the maternal instinct kicks in the moment a baby is near. Whereas some women can be undecided. Not feeling that natural desire but yet still wondering whether life as a mother will be for them one day. Has it ever crossed your mind? Even to make that decision on what you might do? I can imagine it possibly has done at some point.


Do all women want to travel? Probably not. I can imagine that many of us are more home bodies. Some, however, have that strong desire to see the world, see new places and experience new things. I have friends that have travelled literally everywhere. Dubai, Mexico, Italy, Australia and the list goes on. So what category do you fall into? Whether you want to travel or not, I can imagine you still may have thought about it at some point. Travelling can really broaden your horizons; it can make you able to put things into perspective. There are some great tips online, check out this one here http://expertvagabond.com.

Settling down and getting married

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Marriage, or at least settling down. Have you ever thought about or considered it? Let’s think back to growing up. Were you one of those girls that married off your dolls. I definitely was that girl. I even had a barbie that had a wedding gown lol. Or perhaps you pretended to recreate a wedding with a friend. Maybe not. But I know for sure you imagined or have thought about it. Settling down is what many women hope to do especially once they are in their 30’s. We all hope that we will meet the one person we connect with. Have you considered it? Let me know.

Body enhancements

Women are always conscious of their bodies. Some are always hoping to fight the signs of aging. Or others want to make changes to their body. This is why many women consider body enhancements at some point in their lives. It’s not for everyone, but most women would say that it improves their confidence and have them feeling better about their self. More information can be found on websites like belcarahealth.com. A lot of research is required for big decisions like this. So you do your research queens.

A successful career

Not everyone wants a career, but many women consider it. A successful career is what a lot of women work towards. Something that makes them proud to head out to work each and everyday. It’s hard to find that one job that you feel passionate about. But once you do hold on to it. Is a career something you have worked towards?

Maybe some of these things are what you have dreamt of, or perhaps you will at some point.

As always, thanks for reading my loves,


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