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Perfect skin is important to a lot of people. One of the reasons healthy skin is valued is because it helps to reduce the signs of aging. Of course, no one can have skin that’s always blemish, line and wrinkle free. Everyone gets occasional pimples or will start to look older. Still, there are ways that you can care for your skin to keep it looking younger for longer. An essential thing to do is ensure that you protect your skin from the sun. It’s not just important to help you look youthful. It’s also vital to be aware of the risks of skin cancer and how you can avoid it. The following tips will help you navigate sun exposure and keep your skin healthy. YASSSS!!!

The Importance of Sunscreen

Sunscreen is an important tool to protect you from sun exposure. When you’re out in the sunshine, you should be wearing it to prevent UV rays from damaging your skin. Many people choose the lowest SPF factor they think they can use without burning. However, this isn’t the best practice. When you put sunblock on your kids, you probably choose an SPF of 30 or higher. So why not do the same for yourself? Never thought about that, huh?

The thought of a tan might be nice, but you should be aware when you need a higher SPF for extra protection. Some people can protect their skin with a lower SPF. However, even they might need a higher one on certain occasions. If you’re near water or at a high altitude, you require more protection. You will also be more exposed to the sun around midday.

Remember that sunscreen isn’t only important for hot climates, either. It’s essential to wear it when skiing or doing anything else in the snow. On a sunny day, you can get the effect of the sun, plus its rays reflecting off the snow. Also, the higher altitude will mean you’re exposed to the sun further.

Protect Your Lips

As well as the skin on your body and face, don’t forget to protect those smaller areas. People often forget to put sunscreen on their hands, ears or the soles of their feet. The lips are another part of the body that many forget to protect. If you don’t use a lip balm with a sun protection factor, your lips could become dry or even burnt. The skin on your lips is sensitive, so pick a product that has an SPF of at least 30.

Daily Sun Protection

Putting on sunscreen may only occur to most people on certain occasions. For example, they might be going to the beach or on a ski trip. However, there is a case for considering use SPF skin products regularly. You can find makeup and lip balms that can protect you from the sun. Many anti-aging skincare products have an SPF, for example. If you want to find out about cosmetics with a sun protection factor, the Skin Cancer Foundation has some good recommendations. For example, bareMinerals Matte Foundation has an SPF of 20. Foundations can be excellent to protect your skin from incidental sun exposure.

Protecting Your Skin with Your Clothes

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Your clothes also play an important role in protecting your skin from the sun. They help to cover you up, from long-sleeved tops to hats. As well as wearing layers that block the sun from your skin, you can look into UV-protective clothing. Even when you wear long sleeves and pants , you are at risk of the sun damaging your skin. UV-protective clothing gives you extra protection, especially when you’re in the sun for a long time. You might wear it when you’re going for a hike or participating in water sports.

The Dangers of Sunbathing


When summer arrives, and the sun comes out, it’s tempting to go and sit in the sun right away. Sunbathing is normal, and almost everyone does it in some way. However, lying in the sun for extended periods is damaging to your skin. It can contribute to your skin aging faster and it’s a factor in the development of skin cancer too. Ideally, you should avoid sunbathing altogether. However, many people would rather try to tan. If you want to, it’s best to be in the sun for shorter periods. Don’t spend hours sunbathing or fall asleep in the sun. NO Bueno!!

Avoiding Too Much Sun

It’s not always possible to avoid going out in the sunshine. You have a life to live, and you can’t stay all day indoors. However, you can find ways to limit your sun exposure so that you don’t get its full impact all the time. First of all, you can try not to be out in the sun when it’s strongest. However, because this is a large chunk of the day, it can be difficult to do this. If you do need to go outside, try to stick to the shade instead of walking in the direct sunlight. It helps to look at your shadow to work out how much UV exposure you are subjecting yourself too. A shadow shorter than you means high exposure, while a taller one is safer. #LifeTips lol

What to Do When You Get Sunburn

Even when you try your best to protect your skin from the sun, you can still get burned. You might forget to put sunscreen on or reapply it after going swimming. You could also accidentally miss a spot when you apply your sunscreen. Or your clothes could move and leave previously covered skin exposed. Sunburn can be painful, but it’s often not too bad. However, there are occasions when you need to be careful. If your skin is blistering, you might need to see a doctor. If it’s just red and a little sore, you should be able to take care of it yourself. It’s important to keep your skin hydrated, so using an aftercare product will help. You can use something soothing with aloe vera or a lotion or moisturizer. Make sure you keep an eye on the burn to ensure it’s healing. The skin might peel but, usually, it’s nothing to worry about. Try using coconut oil as well.

Repairing Sun Damage

Damage to your skin from the sun doesn’t just come from temporary sunburn. Over the years, the sun can have a cumulative effect on your skin. It can cause your skin to age faster if you’re exposed to it too much. However, if your skin has been damaged by the sun, you can find ways to repair it. People find different methods of repairing sun damage to have various levels of effectiveness. One method that’s available is at home microdermabrasion, which you can also have at a salon or spa. The process helps to rejuvenate your skin by exfoliating the outer layer. It can help to recover sun-damaged skin by removing dark spots and perhaps fine lines. Other methods used include IPL (intense pulsed light) and laser treatment, which are used to resurface the skin. Read about some more popular sun damage repair treatments below.


Hydroquinone is combined with Retin-A in topical creams to help repair sun damaged skin. It helps to correct uneven pigmentation without using any complicated treatments. However, you should only use it for up to half a year.

Chemical peels

Chemical peels are popular facial treatments for reversing sun damage. They also address a number of other issues. It’s another treatment that you can get from a professional or at home if you buy the right product. A chemical peel is a good choice for anyone who wants a quick solution to sun damage. Although it can leave your face looking red at first, it soon gives you smoother skin with fewer blemishes. Alot of youtube gurus have tried this as well.


Some dermatologists suggest topical antioxidants to repair sun damage to your skin. They are meant to get into your skin and help to fix it. You can buy products that contain antioxidants, but you can also make your own.

Photodynamic therapy

Photodynamic therapy helps your skin look better and is used to treat precancerous cells. So it can give you healthier skin, as well as more youthful skin. It uses light therapy and medication together to do this. Some people pair the procedure with IPL.

Warning Against Artificial Tanning

Many people are aware that they should avoid spending too much time sunbathing. However, they sometimes turn to artificial tanning instead.This is less for my dark skin girls. Using a tanning booth isn’t safer for your skin nor is sunbathing on the beach. It can still damage your skin, and you will be at greater risk of getting skin cancer. If you sunbathe in the sun, you might at least have sunscreen on. However, how likely are you to apply it before stepping into a tanning booth? The booth or sunlamp is still exposing you to UV rays. In many countries, indoor tanning is not allowed for anyone under 18. The same is true for a number of states in the US.

Protecting your skin from the sun is essential if you want it to stay looking and feeling beautiful. However, if your skin is sun-damaged, you can always look into ways to repair it.

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