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Sometimes we wake up and feel great about our bodies and face, some days not so much, and other days just plain annoyed. Emotions, hormones, eating habits, lack of exercise and even social media can all play a part in how we feel about our physical appearance. A lot of how you feel about yourself comes down to self-esteem, confidence, and happiness. But occasionally there are things that only cosmetic procedures will be able to change to give you a boost of that self-confidence. Everyone wants to have the Wow factor or to “Slay” lol .But beautiful ladies their are both natural and surgical ways you can achieve this. So, whichever side of the fence you sit on, let’s take a look at how you can get that ‘je ne sais quoi’ back in your life.

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Cosmetic Ways

There are nips and tucks that require a general anesthetic. And there are also non-invasive cosmetic procedures that can work wonders to rejuvenate your looks. The surgery route isn’t for everyone, but if it is for you, let’s take a look at some of the options available. Those with an almost perfect nose are unlikely ever to understand why those with a larger nose hate it so much! But if you fall into the category of having a nose that seems too big for your face, you’ll know what we mean. There are plenty of people that can rock a larger nose with aplomb. But if yours is really bringing you down, rhinoplasty can fix bumps, straighten your nose and also make it smaller. If you have stubborn areas of fat that you just can’t seem to shift, you may want to consider the popular procedure of liposuction. This surgery is for those that maintain a normal weight but just have areas of small fat on their stomach, arms, legs, knees or buttocks. Liposuction cost varies, so be sure to do your research and only choose a reputable surgeon. If you want an anti-aging boost but don’t want to go under the knife, Botox is a fantastic non-invasive treatment. Botox requires just a few small injections to get rid of frown lines, crows feet and deep wrinkles on the forehead. It lasts about six months and does wonders for creating a smooth, fresh face.

DSC_0041 (5)Natural Ways

There are also many natural ways to boost your energy, banish fatigue, get a leaner body and glowing skin. If you’re serious about getting healthy, the best thing you can do is look at your eating habits. Most people hate the thought of it, but cutting out sugar will change your life. You’ll reduce your calorie intake, have more energy, achieve glowing skin and reduce your risk of illnesses such as diabetes. Choose wholegrain foods and potatoes to up your intake of starchy foods in order to get more fiber, vitamins and minerals. Aim for at least two portions of oily fish a week for lots of Vitamin D and make sure to up your intake of raw vegetables and fruits. And it goes without saying that you should be drinking eight glasses of water a day. Exercise wise, get out here and enjoy what your body can do! Whether it’s yoga, swimming, running or aerobic classes, the more physical activity you do, the better you will feel. Combine exercise with weight training to start you on a journey of weight loss and leaner muscles. Exercise, laughter, less stress and healthy eating are all wonderful, natural ways to put a pep back in your step. Try it for a month if you don’t believe me! 🙂

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