When you get dressed every morning, it shouldn’t always be about how you look. You should also take how you feel into consideration. We all have days when nothing we put on makes us feel great. But those days should be few and far between. Hopefully, when you get ready, you feel comfortable in your own skin. If not, these simple steps will help you to become more confident.dsc_0030

Be yourself

The glossy magazines are filled with must-have trends and key pieces. But that doesn’t mean that you have to rush out and buy things you don’t like. The beauty of fashion is that it is versatile. Every look is open to interpretation, and you can try some trends and leave others. It’s important to wear clothes that make you feel confident. You want to look great. But you also don’t want to be uncomfortable. If you don’t feel right, you won’t be happy. If you’re going on a night out, for example, don’t feel pressured to embrace the bodycon trend. If it’s not you, go for something else. If you go against your natural instinct, you’ll only regret it for the rest of the night. Don’t be afraid to be yourself. Not every catwalk look will suit everyone. Choose things you like, rather than those that you feel you should invest in.

Focus on the good points

Body image is one of the most pressing concerns in modern society. If you read the papers or watch the news, you’ll have seen reports about pressure on people to look a certain way. Young people are especially prone to body image worries. We all have concerns about the way we look. Even supermodels have off-days. But you shouldn’t feel anxious or let these fears take over your life. It’s important to be kind to yourself. You probably complement your friends on how they look all the time. But do you ever give yourself the same compliment? Nobody is perfect, so focus your energies on your good points.

Make peace with yourself

We tend to be much harder on ourselves than we are on others. It’s human nature to compare yourself to other people and highlight your flaws. To make positive changes and boost your confidence, try to make peace with yourself. Think about your positive traits and what makes you unique. Spend time alone, and do something that makes you feel completely calm. Do a yoga session or meditate, for example. If you’re new to meditation, check out Meditative Wisdom for more information. It can take a long time to build confidence and iron out anxieties, but you will get there.

If you asked a group of people if they felt comfortable in their own skin, many would most likely say no. Most of us have insecurities about the way we look or how we compare to others. But we shouldn’t let these define us. If you long to be more confident, try and take positive steps. Have confidence in your abilities and strengths. Enjoy time to yourself, and be as complementary as you are with others. Don’t be afraid to dress how you want to, or embrace your quirky/weird sense of style. Learn what suits you, and consider how you feel in mind, as well as how you look.

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