We all love to splash out every now and then. What better way to treat yourself than with clothes? They’re practical, you get a lot of use out of them and they express your personality to other people. What’s not to love? But when it comes to clothes, there’s a huge price difference between designer and main street fashion. But can you really tell the difference and is it worth making the investment for high end pieces?



The higher price of designer clothes is partly down to their superior quality. Designer pieces will use better quality materials, more professional finishing and won’t fall apart after a couple of spins in the washing machine. Some pieces will be handmade and so more time and effort is put into their construction than those that are mass-produced by machine in factories. There are certain items that you can get away with lower quality. For example, tights and socks that are easily and cheap to replace when they’re worn down. Purchase these kind of items from the main street, as chances are you’re going to accidentally rip them at some point anyway. However, there are certain items that you should avoid skimping out on. For example, coats. When purchasing a coat, base your decision on quality. Think of it as an investment piece. You want to be able to wear it day in and day out during the winter months and you’ll want to be able to get it out each time winter comes round. Check out the range from Madison Los Angeles; the products are well constructed and will last. For items such as this, you get what you pay for and you want something long-lasting, comfortable and stylish.

Personal Branding


One thing that draws people to designer goods is brand names. When you sport certain labels, or reject certain labels, it’s a kind of personal branding. It can show people what you stand for. For example, those who wear Fred Perry and Dr Martens are probably heavily influenced by certain subcultures. Those in Chanel are exemplifying their wealth and favor for subtle style, whereas those who favor classic Vivienne Westwood hark back to seventies punk anarchy and a sense of rebellion. This can affect your decision on where to shop. If you feel an affinity to a certain brand, their ethos and their style, then you should opt to shop with them over high street chains. However, if you want to make a stand against capitalism, you might want to opt for vintage and unbranded clothing; you might even want to make your own. If you really aren’t bothered, go for the affordable and convenient medium that is the main street.



Price plays a huge role when it comes to opting between designer and the high street. As we mentioned before, the difference in prices can be quite drastic. If you’re strapped for cash, you should probably opt for the main street. However, if you have a particular love for designer goods, consider end of season sales, outlet stores and buying second-hand from vintage shops and sites such as eBay or Etsy. Or just spend “his” cash girl!. lol

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