If you’re anything like me, you’ve been desperately clinging to your summer wardrobe like your life depended on it. We’ve all been there. Trying to pretend you’re not freezing in a sundress with frost practically forming in your hair.(Haha) But eventually, you have to give up and accept that the cold weather is coming. The best thing you can do instead of fighting it? Embrace it! Fall and winter give you the chance to revamp your wardrobe and switch up your style. You know what they say. Out with the old! Here are some stylish fall/winter looks that will keep you warm and stylish as the seasons turn cold.

Bold patterns

Just because the sun is no longer shining doesn’t mean your wardrobe should lose it’s luster as well. Put aside those muted colors, and neutral tones. This fall is the season of making a statement. Whether you’re making a statement with surreal stripes or busting out some serious patterns, go bold this season. You’ll stand out even more brilliantly against the somber colors of fall. Just make sure you’re wearing them properly. Avoid your outfits getting too busy, keep your accessories simple and pair your patterns with simple, single color pieces.

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On the opposite end of the spectrum, why not break out of routine by adding a twist to everyday outfits? Keeping to a bold, minimalist style is an excellent way to stand out this season. Rather than using color or pattern, focus on bold, tailored pieces. Keep things neutral and use color blocking to create bold contrasts. Use your accessories to bring touches of color and life to your outfits. Focus on the tailoring too. An oversized top with a contrasting high waisted belt can bring even the most simple outfit to life.

christmasPull up your Over The Knee Boots

This is one of the best things about fall and winter. The time for boots is finally here! Whatever you choose to go for, whether it’s a subtle ankle boot or a combat ready statement pair, you can’t go wrong. Pairing chunky boots with light, feminine skirts and dresses is a great way to add variety and a touch of punk flair to your wardrobe. My favorite this fall is an over the knee boot. Worn right these boots can be the thing that takes your outfit for okay to runway ready. But be careful, these can be tricky to get right. Make sure you check out how to wear over the knee boots for some solid advice.

With these trends, there’s no reason to worry about the seasons changing and the weather turning against you. Just because the sky is gray and the leaves are turning brown doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice even an ounce of style and flair. With just a few key pieces to form the basis of your wardrobe you can stay comfortable, warm and, most important of all, stylish right through to the new year.

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