Hey My loves!

Oh how I missed you guys so much ….I’m so sorry I took this long, but I must say it feels freaking amazing to be writing to you all again. I’m sure you all know about my other baby WrapQueen, which has taken a bit of my attention, since the summer, but I’m confident that I will be posting a lot more now. I also lost my uncle a few weeks ago, which was the most saddest news ever to end 2016. I wanted to talk to him, be with him, hug him, hold him, tell him I loved him. Tease him, tell him how I started my own business, I knew he would be so happy. My uncle was murdered by his so-called friend which hurt me the most. The truth is my uncle was a drug addict and he suffered with this problem for years,but he was the nicest most caring person ever. He lived in Jamaica and came to the states and died in 2 years. {Like WTF} I did not get to go to the funeral because of family drama, and it was really in my best interest just not to go, which killed me inside. I wanted to say goodbye to the only family member who told me they were proud of me. He meant more to me than anyone else, and I’m sad I never got to tell him that, or speak at his funeral, letting him know I loved him. The funny thing is telling you guys is helping a lot, so comment below if you suffered a loss and can give me tips on how to heal. When he passed I didn’t post on social media or any of that I just cried. But tonight I feel like opening up to all of you, because I want the world to know he was one of the most important person in my life. His death showed me that life is fragile, so spend time with those who love you and support you and kiss them often. Cut off people who don’t care about you and don’t want you to win and are jealous,their negativity will affect you and prevent you from growing.  I have done alot of cutting off in 2016 and my my have I grown. Life is too damn short to not be happy. I thank my beautiful friends/ social media friends and husband for the support and love! Ok…I’m done. Hopefully you all forgive me for being absent. <3

Okay, so not only have I neglected my blog:( I clearly let my hair go too lol. I’m in desperate need of a haircut lawddd. Thank god I make headwraps, I obviously been wearing them so much I didn’t realize the length of my hair. I honestly don’t like hair now,the shorter the better, yass! This outfit is one of my faves…I always admire a beautiful woman in a basic suit, but didn’t own one. So I thought hmm…maybe I’ll just create my own. So I decided to shop my closet. I of course brought it back to the basics, wearing one of my fave color pallette; black&White. The hubby and I went to meet with a potential client and it was 60 degrees out, so I needed to look like a boss beeetch, lol,and to me wearing a power suit screams boss lady and of course confidence.

Thanks for reading my loves!

What I wore:

Top {Here} {Similar} {Similar} {Similar} Blazer; {Here} {Similar} Pants, Love these {Here} Love this bag{Here} & {Here}


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