When cold weather sets in, we all look forward to putting the heat on and curling up under a comfy blanket. We prepare for the cold with fleecy throws, chunky scarves and woolly hats with little frills on the end of them:) The weather outside may be a hazard but your skin shouldn’t be and our faces being exposed to the elements can make for painful rashes and dry skin patches. There’s something beautiful about glowy cheeks but not if the rosiness  or the glow is a result of being burned by the wind – which is possible!

There are many things you can do for your skin, no matter the weather but if you are on the receiving end of dry, scaly-feeling skin, seek some help from a specialist. The skin on our faces is generally more sensitive than the rest of us as our faces are exposed to the elements every day. We care for rashes and skin issues when we react to jewellery by switching to hypoallergenic earrings studs so it’s only fitting that we care for our skin too. Our skin is our biggest organ and the longer we preserve it with natural methods, the further away you are from Botox and facelifts! Because nobody has time for that.

The key to soft and supple skin is moisturizing. In the summer we use sunscreen as a lotion to protect our faces from the harsh rays of the sun, so it makes sense that we keep our skin smooth and cared for from the cold. You can use sunscreen through the winter too – winter sun has harsh rays too! The trick is that you should use a different type of moisturizer in the colder months. The oil based moisturizers work better for the winter months as a protective layer,so you will find your face less rough.

Where you can, avoid wearing wet clothes outside. if your hat or gloves have soaked through from snow or rain, the cold dampness will irritate the skin and cause it to crack. If you have eczema, this is especially important. Your skin matters and no one wants to be itchy.

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We all know the rules about drinking water to stay hydrated and healthy, but most people aren’t aware that if you don’t keep the water intake up during the winter your skin will dry out and look haggard. Do you want to look haggard? LOL. Those aren’t words most women would like to be associated with! Avoid using facial peels during the winter. The less you remove layers of skin the better as you want to keep your skin plump and cleansed without exposing more layers to the weather.

Ultimately, the only real thing you can do is prevention. Use the right creams, cover up as much as you can and make a point of protecting your skin, so you can keep your youthful look as long as possible.


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