I’m a sucker for a new pair of shoes. In fact, I can never have enough shoes in my wardrobe. However, a lot of them I look back and wish I never bought. After all, especially cheap ones. You can only wear so many throughout the year. And they might fall out of trend quickly. So you need to be a bit more careful when you buy a pair of shoes. In fact, here are a few questions every girl should go through before buying a new pair of high heels.

Will I be able to walk in them?

When we try on a pair of high heels in the store, we end up falling in love with the design. Therefore, we ignore the fact that the size may be a bit too small. But unless you want to end up not using them, you should consider if you will be able to walk in them. After all, you want a pair that you can wear for a night out without worrying about tripping. So,my advice would be to walk around in the store and put them back if they are too uncomfortable. As I said before, going for a low chunky heel,especially if you are new to wearing heels-it might increase your comfort level. And will ensure that you actually use the pair of high heels that you buy!

Are they worth the price?

A lot of us end up spending a fortune on a sexy pair of heels. After all, we end up loving it so much that we overlook the cost. But for the sake of your account, you need to consider if they are actually worth the price. You might find a pair at a different store for a much cheaper rate. And have you looked online for discounts? You might find a good deal like this Public Desire discount code at Plusvouchercode which will get you a good discount off a new pair of shoes. Therefore, always think twice before spending a fortune on shoes! #ThankMeLater

Will they go with everything?

It’s always a good idea to imagine what clothes you will wear with your shoes. After all, you need to have clothes that won’t clash with your heels. If you can’t think of more than a couple of outfits, it might be a waste of time to buy the shoes. It might be an expensive purchase if you are only going to wear them once or twice! And you don’t want to just go buy new outfits each time you buy a new pair of shoes, so think carefully before spending your mula.

Are they long-lasting?

You also need to think about the durability of the shoes before you buy a pair,you don’t want a pair which has to go in the garbage after a couple of nights of wear. Therefore, think carefully about the material before making a purchase. For example, a pair of heels in velvet might get ruined if you go out in bad weather. Therefore, pick a durable material so that you can keep the heels for longer! Even though I do have green velvet heels, sigh…lol I couldn’t resist.
P.S.Remember to choose a pair which fit correctly, so you don’t have swollen ankles and blisters when you get home!

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