According to recent figures the American jewelry industry is currently worth around $70 billion and as the online retail market grows so does its value. Whether you can’t get enough of diamonds, treasure your pearl bracelets or adore those emerald earrings jewelry has long been the finishing touch of a lady’s outfit. From elegant antique crystal brooches, tiny tear drop earrings and multi layered necklaces to modern art deco rings, chunky statement pieces and feathers wearing jewelry is more popular than ever before. Often given as a gift to celebrate a birthday, or anniversary your jewelry collection requires regular love, care and attention to keep it looking its best.

Know Your Pieces

There are two main types of jewelry that most women have and those are fashion jewelry, and fine jewelry. The first, fashion jewelry, normally comprises of cheaper items that are made of non-precious stones and lower metals like silver or the ones you find at F21 or H&M. In the past this form was known as costume jewelry, was worn by both sexes and seen as a quick, easy way to brighten up an outfit while showing off their personal style. The second type was fine jewelry, diamond necklaces handed down through the family, antique gold earrings and precious gem bracelets. Fine jewelry was often kept locked away in boxes and safes, proper jewelry etiquette dictates that fashion and fine jewelery should never be worn, stored or even cleaned together and should remain separate at all times.

When Not To Wear It

It goes without saying that you shouldn’t wear any sort of jewelry when in the process of doing household chores,although I’m guilty. LOL. Remove all jewelry when you’re doing dishes, vacuuming, polishing furniture and gardening as it’s incredibly easy to get dirt trapped between a stone and it’s setting. Plenty of cleaning products are extremely harmful to jewelry and can, over time, soften even the toughest metals so you need to be really careful. When getting ready rub in face, hand or body cream and finish your hair, make-up and perfume before adorning yourself in jewels. Avoid taking rings, bracelets and necklaces into wet rooms or bathrooms, and don’t leave them where exposure to condensation or moisture is likely to happen.

Stylish Storage Solutions

You can either buy jewelry boxes which come in a variety of styles, sizes and colours or purchase a jewelry stand, or tree. These are fun, pretty ways of storing pieces while being able to see what you have at a glance. When putting items away check for any scratches or knots, untangle chains and close clasps to prevent tangling. Store all items in separate compartments, or cases and keep any loose, or wholesale diamonds as well as diamond rings, bracelets and earrings away from other pieces. Diamonds are one of the hardest gems and will easily scratch other metals and stones. Pearls are extremely delicate and need to be stored in soft, tissue paper lined boxes or drawers. Do any of you girls actually own any pearls? I remember a time I was obsessed with pearls. When traveling make sure you take a jewelry organiser with you to keep anything from getting damaged.

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