Hey My love bugs!

How are you guys?! Is it just me or January won’t end lol, Jeeze. So far every damn day in January has been cloudy and I can’t get to work on my selfie game haha, which believe it or not was one of my new year goals. {Vein AF} No, honestly, I want to improve my pictures for WrapQueen Instagram page here. Anyway I’m exited for February, so much in store and exiting things I want to do for IslandChic, Oh and I plan on doing a concert next month as well. Plus one of my good friends is celebrating her birthday and I can’t wait. So hurry up February:) Hmm so whats going on with me? As you can tell by the title it has alot to do with my lashes.

I’ll Take My Real Lashes Please

Okay so as long as I known myself I’ve always had long lashes,even longer once I applied mascara. I would get stopped constantly by people asking what lashes I was wearing. But for some reason I’ve been obsessed the past several months with the idea of wearing fake ones.  ::Covers Eyes:: I thought it would maybe give me an extra umph. So I did what every normal person would do, I created a private pinterest page with women wearing beautiful lashes. I started watching youtube. I researched lash brands and read tons of reviews and over the christmas holiday I order 5!!! Yes 5!! I know, I clearly could have taken my butt to Walgreens and invested in a drugstore brand, but nope, I splurged. Who the hek splurges on lashes, especially when they have real ones that look like falsies. I did.

I was so exited to try them ladies, but truth was I sucked, I sucked so much at applying them, although I watched tutorials. It took me 10 mins each time I tried to wear them. The glue would get on my top eyelid and mess up my eye makeup, then I would have to apply eyeliner which I somewhat suck at, so imagine the process. Once I got them on, they looked beautiful, but I hated how they looked in photographs. Long story short, I realize it’s not for me. Nope. I’ll take that same time perfecting my real lashes with eyelash curler and mascara and call it a day, so they can look just as fleeky lol. And, to all my ladies who can apply lashes like a boss, no mistakes, you are the real MVP.

Let’s get into this outfit.First off I’m obsessed with this jacket. The color is everything and yes, I’ll be wearing it all spring. I’ve been trying to get this jacket since I saw it in Zara, so I was so happy when I saw it on Shein. We had a few nice days last week, so I took advantage when we got 60 degree temps. I was too exited to wear my new babies out although they were not weather appropriate, but hey, I was careful. I met the cutest little girl while James and I did this shoot, she kept asking if I was a model, and offered to take my coat. If you are reading this,you were the highlight of my day pretty girl.

Thanks for Reading Lovelies!

What I Wore: Headwrap {Here} Top {HereJacket {Here}{Similar} I own this one Here I want this one Here Jeans, {Similar} {Similar}  Heels {Here}


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