People make mistakes. When it comes to style and – particularly – to beauty, it’s incredibly simple to make those mistakes. Trust me I made tons! You fall into a trap of following trends, perhaps not paying attention to if this season’s must-have dress shape actually flatters your figure.

The great thing about clothes is that they are disposable (to an extent). We have cast-off the style sins of the past; the bootcut jeans( eeww)  low cut jeans which exposed your thongs, Ugg boots; channeling our inner Avril Lavigne by wearing a tie with a vest. Hahaahah… I never did that though, but had friends who did. While we now look back and cringe, at least we’re not stuck with them. We can go shopping and replace the items we now regret.

With certain beauty mistakes, you’re stuck with them. If you do something to your own skin or hair, you’re not going to be able to change it out for a more acceptable fashion once it’s out of  style. Below are the three biggest sinners – and while you might not be able to fix them entirely, you can ease some of the damage…

Over-Plucked Eyebrows

Who would have thought that eyebrows would make such a comeback? We’re not that far from the days when eyebrows were plucked into nothingness. This pic was taken 6 years ago

Thankfully, we’ve now recognized that eyebrows frame the face – so making that frame vanish into a wispy nothingness is less than ideal.

However, your previous over-plucking sins can haunt you. There comes a point when eyebrow hairs just won’t grow back, leaving you with bald patches. While you can try and stimulate their growth with castor oil, generally, they will always have something missing.Islandchic77, headwrap, wrapqueen, wrapqns, wrapqueens, spring

Thankfully, makeup can improve the effect. Use a slanted brush and a dark eyebrow palette to draw fine, individual extra hairs over any bald patches. This works far better than just drawing a thick line, though it does take some time and patience to master.


There was a time when you couldn’t walk down an average street without seeing a dolphin on someone’s back, styled to look like they were emerging from the waistband. Now, we look back and think “why…?”, but at the time, they were in style. Dolphins are far from the only sinners; many people look back on their once-style-appropriate tattoos and wonder what they were thinking. LOL

If you have a tattoo you no longer feel is appropriate for your look, then you have two options. There are plenty of camouflage makeup options to begin with. These products act like a thicker version of foundation, blending the tattoo away into normal skin tones. However, it will only last until your next shower. If you crave something more permanent, then affordable tattoo removal is an option. It’s painful (some say more painful than getting the tattoo in the first instance!), but over a course of treatments, your tattoo will no longer exist.

Bald Patches

If you have spent a lot of your life wearing weaves or hair extensions, then you can quickly find your natural hair tells the story. Bald patches develop due to the pull of the extra hair.

If you find this happening, then – hard as it is – stop wearing any kind of extensions or weaves. Use castor oil and stimulating shampoos to encourage hair growth, while giving your scalp time to recover.

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