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Yay another outfit post for ya! I enjoy taking pix for you guys, and wish I could take more. The funny thing is, when I had way more time to do outfit posts, I swore I had no time. Between my lil ones Saturday activities and daily chores on Sundays I was a busy woman. But I was wrong, I had all the time in the world. Guys I literally I have no time to wash my face now.-it’s that real. I go to bed at 2am almost every night. Life of an entrepreneur. So on days when the hubbz tells me let’s go shoot, I get all exited hehe.

I adore this outfit so much for obvious reasons like this head wrap, obvi- but I also love this coat.The color is everything! It will be on serious repeat this spring. Which is in 19 days- Yasss.  And I’m a fan of denim on denim. I decided to wear a comfy denim shirt  instead of a more fitting shirt; for a not so put together look. I wanted this look to come across as effortless and easy. I wanted it to feel like every body size and shape could wear this. Fashion should be easy, not forced. There were many times I would force an outfit and it would turn into a total fail. But you live an learn, right?  It also comes with age.

Look who decided to join me on this shoot. My bestie! I love this kid beyond words. We didn’t even plan for it. But I thought he looked so cool in his bomber jacket. hahha. We haven’t done a shoot in a while, so it was nice to have him. Follow me on Instagram if you want to see more mommy and me pix and some solo ones with him-he’s seriously becoming quite the model.

Thanks For Reading My Loves!

What I Wore:  Headwrap {Here} Love this Coat; {Here}& {Here} Jeans; Love these {Here} & {Here} Shirt {Here}This is cute {Here} Heels,Steve Madden, Love these for the Spring {Here} & {Here}

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