Hey my luv bugs!

I’ve missed you so much, can you believe I’ve been gone a month?! Don’t worry I’m back I promise, plus the weather is sooo much better now, so I can’t wait to get back to blogging. One of the main reasons why I love this season is because I can finally wear my bright colors. You know us Island girls love our colors. I seem to have a mild obsession with the color mustard and yellow. I can’t get enough. When I saw this sweater it automatically screamed my name, I adore the design. .I’m wearing a half bra underneath for support. But for all my smaller boobies gals, you might not need to wear a bra.

I seriously have a love hate relationship with these jeans, mainly because it’s not high waisted so I find myself pulling them up which creates a camel toe {TMI} lol,so annoying. But then I love how it looks on photos. {Sigh} I really just need to invest in another pair.

My fave part of this sweater is the back, mainly because it shows off my tattoo, I’m so ready for another one already.

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