Hey My Loves!!

Can you even believe we are at the end of July?! Like how did that happen…I swear I can’t keep up these days at all. Anyway, who else is obsessed with off the shoulder tops? I can’t seem to get enough honestly. I must say I think this one is my favorite because of the stripes, plus the ruffles are everything. It’s very trendy this season which I hate honestly as I do not like to look like a carbon copy. Last year it wasn’t so popular, but  I guess everyone has caught up to the hype! ::Inserts Shrugging shoulder Emoji:: But seriously how perfect is this top.


The family and I had a few errands to run this past weekend and it’s been a while since we took lil man to the city as we are so busy with Wrap Queen. So it was great to have some family time. We had a an amazing lunch and did a bit of shopping. We laughed and really enjoyed each other’s company. Oh you guys I have some big news coming up soon, I cant wait to tell you all. Make sure you are following me on social media, which is where I will announce my big news! The past few months has been absolutely insane. So many emotions to deal with and huge life changes. The other day I broke down as I was ironing wraps to be sent out 2am in the morning.  I was so overwhelmed and tired, it’s as if each week of every month I’m dealing with something,either it’s good or bad but with life happening so fast, I haven’t really had the time to take it all in and go through each moment.  So the other day I legit just cried,it didn’t really help that I was PMS’ing either. Thank gohhh for my husband and my good friends who cheered me right back up and reminded me of my strength. I’m a very strong woman, and I’m capable of amazing things -so I snapped out of it right away and I’m ready to tackle this next chapter in my life.

What I Wore: Shirt, {Here} Headwrap {Here} Pants, {Here} I own this one  {Here} Shoes, So oldddd from Aldo. Bag (Similar) Love this one {Here}






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