Hey My Darlings!

Although I’m so busy as I’m preparing to be in a fashion show tomorrow—I know- so exiting. I’ll be collaborating with other designers to showcase my headwraps.  I wanted to come by and talk about my obsession with these pants. I love them so much. Its like business in the front and party on the sides. LOL. They are literally everything. It’ so comfy and it’s the perfect length as well.  Do You want to know the saddest part to all of this? I actually had these pants forever but didn’t get around to actually wearing them. I will wear the hek out of it this Sumer. Oh= and since the pant was a looser fit on my body I decided to pair it with a crop top that shows off my waist and brings even more attention to the pants. Lastly you all know I don’t go anywhere without my hedwrap:)

Thanks for reading guys, I have to prepare for tomorrows show!


What I wore: Headwrap (Foxy) Pants {Here} {Similar} Love these {Here}& {Here} These are on the way {Here} Top {Similar} {Similar} So Cute {Here} Heels { Here} love these {Here}

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