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So the internet has been an absolute blessing for those who wish to learn more about beautifying themselves. Skin care routines, tips for  volumizing your hair and even pedicure tips that can keep you on your toes on fleek can be found everywhere. No matter what type of advice you want, you can find it online. The thing is, you sometimes want to look fresh and beautiful when you roll out of bed, before you use your infused oils and fruit-based face masks. We don’t think that’s too much to ask, do you? LOL 

The way we glow is actually affected by a lot of the environmental factors around us, as well as the things that we eat. Your health radiates from your face: skin, eyes, teeth and hair are all prominent and open to the world so keeping them in their utmost health is in your best interest. TRUST ME!! The healthier you are on the inside, the more you can see that on the outside. This doesn’t just mean your obsession with hydration, but your ability to tame your stress levels and maintain a level of total zen: it reduces wrinkles, yah know! So, while you may love your cleanse, tone and moisturizer routine, you should do as much research as possible into the natural ways of beautifying yourself. There are so many ways you can maximize your beauty naturally and I’m here to show you how.

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Sipping a bottle of water through the day is not enough to get you as hydrated as possible. Your copious daily intake of coffee also doesn’t equate to adequate hydration, not to mention the need for the best teeth whitening strips after so much coffee. Water is one of the best beauty cleansers you could ever use and best of all, it’s free! Don’t aim for drinking a liter right before bedtime to try to catch up with the day, because instead of absorbing all the goodness, you will end up peeing through the night instead. Water flushes out toxins and makes your eyes brighten and your skin clear. Infuse with fruit if you must, but keep your water intake up through the day so you can stay hydrated.

Sweaty Betty

Did you know that 20% of the way the body eliminates toxins happens through perspiration? If you didn’t it’s time to head out and get some yoga pants! You have to keep your body circulating and to do this, you must sweat. Head for a sauna, head to hot yoga and get your pores open. Wash your face free of all makeup and creams before a workout so that your pores don’t open only to be clogged up by all those chemicals. Shower directly after you workout to get all that toxin-filled sweat off your skin.

Tea Anyone?

Caffeine isn’t the best thing for your body, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy a cup of amazing herbal tea. The best thing? You can enjoy herbal tea in many different ways and one of those is brewing up a bath! A bath in general is a fantastic way to relax and help your muscles. If you’re used to adding bubble bath, why not add chamomile tea instead? This way, you can enjoy the benefits of the herbs from the top of your head to your toes.


Natural Ingredients VS Chemicals

We all know the benefits of cleansing every evening, as well as the treat that is a beautifying face mask. Instead of getting your facemask out of a packet, why not use one of these recipes to make on your own? Ingredients from your own kitchen cupboards can be used to make your hair or skin glow and feel super healthy, and this can have an amazing effect on your self-esteem. Not to mention, it’s totally natural! YASSSS!!

Bite Down

Earlier I mentioned teeth whitening strips after drinking too much coffee, and your teeth is something everyone can see on a daily basis. Minimize the dyed food and drinks in your diet and stick to as natural foods as possible. Stained teeth are teeth that no one wants on show, so cut out the wine, sodas and coffee or, use a straw! Trust me you will get weird looks using a straw but your teeth will be pooping hutny! hahah. Either way, cutting these things out of your diet can only serve to do you a favor.

At the end of the day you deserve to have your glow and you should do everything you can to live as naturally as possible and beautify yourself with the least amount of chemicals. I  definitely believe that trying some of these tips will help a tremendous amount.

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