We may have seen some of the biggest festivals come and go already this summer, but don’t fall prey to the illusion that letting loose in a fun-filled utopia is over until next June. There are still plenty of chances to dance, laugh, giggle and play with your besties for three days straight. Of course, if you are going to a festival this year, then you need to know just how to nail your style and, in case you were wondering, that disapproving-model-off-duty-too-cool-for-school look is no longer the desired style.

No, the days of bohemian are here to stay, and ultra-flamboyance has made its return to the forefront of festival fashions, which means you can go as wild as your imagination will let you. Grab inspiration from the 60s hippies, the 70s punks, and the early-90s happy hardcore ravers. Basically, it is a free-for-all where the fashion-stakes are higher than ever.

Of course, we’re not just going to leave you with that. So, to make sure you absolutely nail your festival outfit for any upcoming shindigs you may be attending, we have picked out some of the essentials to ensure you look on point. After all, that is the basis of a great time.

Rule #1: When It Comes To Makeup The Bigger The Better

When it comes to festival makeup, there is no such thing as too much, too elaborate or too in your face. In fact, if you aren’t going to go big with your makeup then you may as well go home. For three days, your face will be a canvas upon which you can paint a glorious picture and show-off your inner peacock in ways most workplaces wouldn’t allow. Use glitter where you want, paint intricate flowers on half your face, use big and bold lipstick, run away with your wildest eye-shadow fantasies and do anything else that will help you be a little more of the person you have to hide in the normal world.


Rule #2: Body Jewelry Is Now High-Fashion

If there is one thing we can learn from 2017, it is that all the coolest chicks have body jewelry. It is something that unites the coolest women on the planet, and it is a means of expression that suits the whole festival look like no other. We do accept that getting a new piercing just for a festival may sound like a rather full-on commitment, but it is the kind of addition that transcends a party in a desert. Like we said, it is no high-fashion. Take Kendall Jenner’s nipple piercings or the septum piercings of just about every girl we crush on. You don’t have to go down this route, but if you are determined to nail the festival look and take your real-world style to the next level then it is well-worth taking the plunge.

Rule #3: Less Is More Is A Myth

Let us give it to you as straight as possible: when it comes to styling yourself for a festival, more is more. Period. The end. Finito. None of this nonsense about dropping a layer or whatever the high-end fashion brands like to tell you. What you want to do is keep adding until your eyes smile so much that they hurt. We’re not talking about layers. We’re talking about accessories, clashing colors, mixing patterns, complementing big bits of jewelry with even bigger sunglasses. We’re talking about mixing a hot pink mini-skirt with an Aztec-inspired fanny-pack, over the knee stockings, welly boots, and a crochet top that has more embroidery than an Ed Hardy shirt. More is more.LOL

Rule #4: Crazy Hair, Don’t Care

All those things you secretly dreamed of doing to your hair – but were always too scared of doing because of how insane you may look to other people – you can get away with at a festival. Actually, it is more than just get away with, it is encouraged. Whatever it is you are thinking, go for it. Dye it eight different colors. Part your hair into two gorgeous benches and then fill that parting with nothing but glitter. Back comb it, put it into tight cornrows, straighten it and fill it with so much hair spray it stands on end. It doesn’t matter. Okay, it may matter come Monday afternoon when you are trying to get the glitter out of your hair, but ignore that fact for now and just run wild.



Rule #5: Super Elaborate Dressing Only

When it comes to the actual physical, thread-baring style of your festival outfit, you want to wear anything that you feel comfortable in; the kind of thing that will let you run free and play hard. This website www.Jayli.com/hippie-clothing/skirts gives you a pretty good idea of what constitutes a hippie-inspired festival skirt, which is always a great route to go down. As is a bodysuit; the one-stop-shop outfit. In terms of what else is on point, anything that is crochet, from tops to dresses, bell-bottomed trousers, fedora hats, bold sunglasses and, yes, a bit of denim on denim. Like I said at the beginning, use touches of hippie, punk and urban wear to inspire your outfits and you will be SLAYING for sure.

Rule #6: Dancing In The Rain Is Amazing

When there is a festival involved you can pretty much guarantee it will rain, even if it is just for a few hours. Luckily, festivals are one of the few places where rain adds to the whole atmosphere. That is why you will really want to have an over the top raincoat tucked away in your tent, lost between the giant inflatable unicorn and colorful parasols, like this raincoat from www.topshop.com. Oh, and trust me when I say, there is nothing sexier than a girl having the time of her life, wearing a pair of wedges, over the knee socks and a raincoat – even if it isn’t raining. Hahahha. Now that you’re armed with this year’s hottest festival fashion tips, all that is left to do is buy your tickets and have the best time of your life. Oh and send me a picture of your outfit!

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