Okay so we all know I love my head wraps but I do take care of my hair underneath. When it comes to your hair, you’ll probably find that you have to work with a range of different routines from time to time. Just like your skincare routine will change over time, your haircare one will too. As we go through life, our hair needs change. One minute you will need moisture and the next you may need shine. But, there is one thing that you can count on – the need for hair health. When you want to keep your hair looking good, there are a few  basic things that you should think about sticking to. So let’s go through each of these simple hair-health steps.

Wash Less

First of all, one of the ways that you can really help the health of your hair is to wash it less. When you over wash your hair, you’ll find that it gets stripped of the natural oils. When you wash it daily, or every other day, you’re going to be drying your hair out. Instead, you should aim to wash it weekly, or even every ten days.  I know 10 is a lot but trust me it works! Although you can style your hair as you please in between, try to avoid shampooing for this time.

Avoid Chemicals

Next, you should think about staying away from chemicals where you can. When you use products with lots of chemicals in, you may be doing your hair more harm than good. Whether you want to pick up some sulfate-free shampoo, or organic styling products, you will find that they do your hair the world of good and can contribute to keeping things healthy too.

Condition More

Then you’re going to want to work on the condition of your hair. Although you want to let your roots heal and stay away from too much product, it doesn’t have to be the same for the lengths of your hair. The longer your hair gets, the unhealthier the ends can become. Aside from regular cuts, you should also aim to condition your natural hair as often as you can. Whether you use a mask or oils, you need to work on the condition of your hair if you want it to feel healthy and look it too.

Style Simply

When it comes to styling, you’re going to want to think about keeping things as simple as possible. If you’re overdoing your ‘do, you could be putting a lot of straight on the hair. So, why not think about using Remy tape in hair extensions instead? I like that brand but I’m sure their others on the market that is good too. When they’re applied, your hair will be done. No strenuous styling is needed, and your look will be complete, meaning your natural hair can relax a little.

Go Natural

Above all else, you may also want to think about going natural as often as you can. Aside from over washing your hair and applying too many chemicals, using heat on a regular basis can dry out your hair and ensure it stays in a bad condition. But by giving your locks a break from heat and rocking out a natural ‘do from time to time, you’ll be doing it a world of good and getting your hair health again.

Love these natural hair styles!

Thx for reading luvz!

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