Hey Ma Loves!

Happy Monday! Best day of the week- Yeap I said it lol because you get to start over. I always need a do-over so I look forward to Mondays now. It’s all what you tell yourself. Try to stay positive at all times. I guarantee if you are working at a job you hate then you most likely will hate Mondays. So if you can try to change your situation and your attitude towards Mondays will change. Anyways this outfit has legit been my mommy uniform minus the heels of course hahaha I substitute them with Vans and my MK sandals. But I always have a pair in my back pack just in case I get a last-minute invite to an event or if the hubby and I decide to go to dinner. The heels instantly dresses up my outfit. The trick is to invest in a great pair of jeans that fits your body perfectly, in that case you wont look sloppy but more put together. When X was little my back packs were filled with diapers, wipes, and pacifiers that he never used lol now it’s filled with my shoes, his cell phone and legos hahah-  boy have times changed.

The hubbz and I decided to check out a new and upcoming area in the Bronx. It was amazing and so clean. We are all so exited to see what will become of this neighborhood. I’m hoping it resembles “Little Italy” another gem of a location in the Bronx. I’m hoping there will be tons of restaurants to choose from and brunch spots too. The Bronx is the first borough I was introduced to when I migrated to America plus it’s where I met the hubbz, so it’s only natural that I would love to see the Bronx progress like other Boroughs.

We ended up eating at a burger place{Milk Burger} near by. I had the Portobello Mushroom burger with sweet potato fries and Xavier had regular potato fries and ketchup he hates burgers or mushrooms so fries was the only option for him- My only issue was that it was too small -LOL

P. S. Did you guys get to see my cover on the September issue of RedBook? I’ll be posting all about my experience soon- Love uzz

What I Wore; Headwrap {Here} White Crop Top (Old) Love this {Here} And {Here} Love this color for the Fall {Here} Heels {Old} Love this one {Here} And {Here} Jeans from TopShop (Old) Love these {Here} And {Here} I wear{M} Loveeee this Back Pack {Here}{Here}{Here} And {Here} A few more {Here}

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