It’s a well-known fact that times are hard for most people at the moment, especially millennials. Most of us have experienced a drop in income, and have to deal with high rent payments, ever increasing energy bills and other random bills.. But that doesn’t mean we have to completely deny ourselves a little retail therapy. We live in the Instagram age: an age focused on aesthetic and style, where everything from your outfit of the day to the presentation of your meal or coffee is judged by the world of social media. {Still so In sane to me} We appreciate beauty, balance and distinct style. It’s not surprising that in hard times when money can sometimes be an issue we want to feel as good in ourselves as possible and surround ourselves with beautiful things, plus treating ourselves makes us feel better. It releases endorphins and generates positive energy. So, how do we solve this problem?: How do we secure ourselves a beautiful and visually pleasing lifestyle while still getting by with the basics? Here are a few tips hat will minimize your fashion sacrifices and keep you looking like perfection even when times do get rough. Yasss!

Coupons and Vouchers

We’ve all watched extreme couponing programs in amazement. Dedicated individuals cutting coupons and storing them away in organized files, ready for a gargantuan trip to the mall. They come out with baskets and trolleys full of goods for a fraction of their retail price. Sometimes they even manage to get the whole shop for free. In particularly impressive ventures, the store can end up paying the customer to take the stock away. Now, this is extreme practice and not all of us have the time or energy around our daily work and responsibilities to truly dedicate ourselves to the couponing cause. But remember, this isn’t all or nothing. Keep an eye out for coupons relevant to things that you want and need. They generally appear in papers and magazines, but friendly promotional staff may be handing them out on the streets or in stores, so don’t be so quick to turn down leaflets and free promotional materials. Hahhahah I know I hate taking them too. But with the rise of E-commerce, there has also come the rise of E-couponing. These voucher codes can be entered during the checkout process to reduce the overall cost of your purchase. Check out sites like for an extensive list of available voucher and coupon codes. It’s always worth a check before paying full price! ALWAYS!!


Check Out Charity Stores


Now, you may be used to hitting up higher end stores but if you’re in need of a whole new ensemble for a low price, you might be best looking through the rails of a charity store. Not only is second hand clothing cheap, but it’s great for the environment and you can also find some unique forgotten gems. Alot of  people often times retire their designer goods which you can get for  hardly anything. So have a good look through and you may find your new favorite wardrobe staples.

Attend Vintage Thrift Fairs

Vintage is a special sort of second hand: it includes any clothes that predate the 1990s. But, as with most things, only the best items tend to last the test of time and you can find some iconic pieces at vintage thrift fairs. Alot of sellers with good condition pieces will be happy to hand them over to you at a reasonable price. Not only will you save cash, but you will also be left with a wardrobe full of one-off pieces that nobody will be able to replicate. This is perfect for creating a distinct style on a budget. Never again will you turn up to an event in the exact same get up as someone else.#Winning!

Alter Your Current Wardrobe

If you’re tired of your current wardrobe, you can always flex your creative muscles and take to altering items yourself. All you need is a little spare time and a basic sewing kit. Most things can be done by hand and don’t need specialist equipment or machines. Add patches, make full-length items into shorts and truly personalize your clothing. The more you practice, the more techniques you will pick up. For ideas, check out YouTube tutorials. There are plenty out there to get you inspired.


So, there you have it. Living on a budget doesn’t mean having to stick to the same old outfits! There are plenty of options out there that will allow you to flaunt your individuality without breaking the bank.

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