What does it even mean to be a beauty expert? Honestly, not that much really. Beauty is a very subjective thing, and looking beautiful means something different to everyone. That’s why becoming an expert in beauty is so simple; all it requires is an understanding of your own body shape, face, hair, and natural appearance. It requires only that you know what looks good for you. What looks good for you might not look good for other people, but that doesn’t matter. Becoming a self-professed beauty expert is about understanding how to master your own beauty look. Here are some tips to help you achieve that level of expertise. It took me years—-Le sigh.



Looking after your skin can be tricky. As we get older, the smoothness turns to wrinkles and the glow starts to fade. Nonetheless, that doesn’t mean you should neglect all the problems with your skin; sometimes skin problems can be indicative of a general health problem. For example, the bags under your eyes area sign of a lack of sleep; the acne on your face is indicative of too much stress and anxiety in your life.  


Start being healthier and your skin will clear up. Of course, you might also want to head over to moisturizers.com to look at moisturizers which could help improve your skin. While natural methods of looking after your skin are important, that doesn’t mean you can’t still treat it with some of the smart products out there in order to enhance its healthy glow. At the end of the day, when it comes to looking after skin, it all depends on where you fall on the spectrum. If you are entirely happy with your body, even if there are a few blemishes, then you do not have to follow this tip However if you have  acne which keeps popping up on your back and face that are starting to annoy you then focus on what you can do to improve you inner health in order to improve your skin and outer appearance.


Hair is a tricky one. Everybody says that beauty is subjective and everybody’s different, but while there are some rules in terms of what looks good with regards to makeup or fashion, hair is a complex topic. There is no definitive hairstyle which is the goal of attractiveness; there are thousands of variations on popular styles. Nonetheless, there are unhealthy ways to look after your hair. As Iv’e mentioned before, don’t dye it too often, and don’t leave it dry or neglected. While it’s good to experiment with different styles try to keep your hair as natural as possible so as to avoid damaging it and making it look bad.



Fashion is a major part of being and feeling beautiful.  cosmopolitan.com states that being brave is one of the most fashionable things you can do. Following a trend is sometimes the least fashionable thing you can do. It’s all about creativity and expressing yourself. While simplicity is fine, sometimes putting on extra layers can add diversity and vibrancy to your outfit. Remember that it’s about what suits you. Always go for clothes which fit. It doesn’t mean how skinny or curvy you are. Everybody looks better in clothes which fits.


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