Don’t you just hate it when you wake up in the morning, and a new spot has developed on your face, apparently overnight. You might have felt it developing before you went to bed, but there’s nothing quite like seeing that red blemish for the first time. It can be a sign that you are experiencing from acne. To start, let’s think about an important question.

What Is Acne?

Acne is a disease that impacts the skin’s oil glands. In doing so, it causes them to become inflamed and form an oily substance called sebum. This substance is that yellow or white liquid that trickles out of a spot when it burst. When this happens, the follicle in the skin then carries dead skin cells to the surface, and a spot is formed. The issue can be incredibly severe with many people have such bad acne that they feel embarrassed to show their face, particularly at a young. Before we go on let’s explore some of the myths about acne that you might believe.


It’s Caused By A Bad Diet

This is far from the case. Acne, as pointed out, is a disease and it can be hereditary. If your father has bad acne, it’s quite possible that you and your siblings could also experience the issue. The mistake people make here is thinking that acne is just a breakout of spots. It isn’t. Acne is something quite different and while spots can be caused by different diets or food products, acne can’t. Whether severe or moderate, acne will always pay you a visit no matter what.

It’s An Issue That Disappears After Puberty

If you’re lucky, you might not develop a case of teenage acne, but some people aren’t. It is possible to have acne through most of your adult life, {TRUST ME} and it can take a long time for your skin to settle down. Even if you do get rid of acne by your twenties, there’s a good chance that larger spots have left scars and blemishes on your face. As such, you might never get rid of the problem completely. 

It’s Curable

Acne, while treatable is not exactly curable. Various medicines have been used on the market to treat acne such as Roaccutane. There are two problems  that comes with medicine like this. The first is it came with severe side effects. The medicine drys out the skin and can result in a certain level of hair loss. Due to impacting hormone levels, it had mental side effects too. Many people who used the medication heard voices and even experienced suicidal thoughts. As such, the medicine is no longer available legally on the market. Even using a severe drug like this does not cure acne. The disease remains, and those with the issue can still develop outbreaks, particularly in stressful situations. So, unfortunately, as of now, acne is not curable. {I Know-UGH}

It’s Just The Face

Sadly, it’s not. While some people are lucky enough to develop acne mainly on their face, others have it all over their bodies. It can be a very intense form of the disease and may look like a rash all over the back, neck, and arms. As such, many people who just have a spout of acne on their face consider themselves lucky.


It Only Affects Guys

Girls are just as likely to develop acne as guys are. If you’re wondering why you don’t see as many girls with acne, it’s because they can cover it up with concealer and other forms of makeup. Guys can’t so it can seem like it’s more common with males, but this isn’t true.

So, now that we have dispelled some of the common misbeliefs let’s explore the real causes of acne.


There’s a reason why acne is common during puberty. It can be caused by an increase in hormones. A shift in hormone levels can result in the increased production of sebum underneath the skin and therefore more spots. This is also why you see more acne when you are stressed. It causes hormones to swirl in the body and can lead to higher glucose levels in the blood, increasing levels of sebum.


Despite not being the main cause of acne, diet can certainly make the situation worse. There are various products that seem to make acne more severe. You may want to consider avoiding dairy products and instead switch to alternatives. For instance, drink milk made from nuts rather than milk made from dairy. You can find the best brands on You should perhaps avoid chocolate altogether as this has certainly been shown to increase levels of acne, particularly in men.The good news is that greasy, fatty food has been shown to have no effect on levels of acne so you can feel free to eat all the fry ups that you want. Water can also reduce levels of acne because it clears out the skin and as such can clear out the dirt.



If you are on any medications, it is possible that they are making your issues with acne far worse. This could be one of their side effects, and if so, you need to find out. You should try stopping any medicine that you are taking and see if your skin improves. If it does, you will know that the medication is contributing to your acne.

Allergic Reactions

Finally, it is possible that the true cause of acne is just an allergic reaction. Many people think that they are sick but what they’re actually seeing is a reaction their body is having to a certain food in their diet. This is surprisingly common, and the only way to discover whether this is your problem is with a food elimination test. Find out about food that causes acne on After that, you need to pinpoint some of the foods that you think might be causing your acne or making it worse. This could be anything from chocolate to eggs. Once you have eliminated them from your diet, you can add each back gradually with a few weeks in between. You will then discover which one is making your acne worse. Arguably, this could be one of the best treatments for acne, if the food is affecting you. But what if it isn’t. Well, here are the best treatments that I think could work.

Skin Cleaning

One possibility would be to clean your skin properly. Contrary to belief, cleaning your skin, in general, won’t reduce acne because acne isn’t caused by dirty skin. It’s shocking, and it can be confusing because in reference to acne people always talk about dirt in pores. It’s important to remember that this is underneath the skin. As such, you can’t get acne from never washing your face. It’s also important to realize that using the wrong type of soap can make your skin worse. That’s why you should check out something like There you will discover that certain types of soap are high in vitamins. As such, they can be used to remove dead skin and reduce the chances of spots and acne developing.

Skin Treatment

You can also explore the possibility of skin treatment. This is basically the surgical version of skin cleaning. Using lasers, the old dead cells on your face are removed so that they can be replaced with new ones. As such, it can help make skin blemishes, and issues with acne look far less pronounces and severe and help you feel more comfortable with the way your face looks. However, it is important to point out that you can get the same basic effect by using the right soap when cleaning your face.

Another way to treat the issue scientifically is with blue light therapy. This noninvasive procedure is both effective and expensive. Once the redness disappears, you’ll see a huge difference in the levels of acne on your face.

There are lots of medical treatments like this for acne available. You just have to make sure that you pick one you are comfortable using. Do be aware that some are not covered by insurance and therefore are riskier than others.

Hormone regulation

As I mentioned  hormones are one of the main culprits of acne and therefore regulating them would be in your best interest. You can do this in a variety of ways from medication to reducing levels of stress in your life. The best way for girls would be birth control. Birth control pills take complete control of your hormones. As such, if you use them, you should see a noticeable difference in your level of spots. It may also clear them up in certain areas of the body completely. You can learn more on

I hope this is able to help you Queens better understand acne if you do have an issue with it. Hopefully, you can use some of the solutions I’ve have talked about to reduce the impact it has on your life. Remember, acne may not be particularly pleasant to look at, but it is incredibly common and completely harmless. As such, sometimes the best solution is to just forget about it. You might find that stressing about your skin is actually making it worse. Plus theirs always makeup.

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