For a lot of people, looking after your complexion and looking after the planet doesn’t  necessarily go hand in hand! But you can be pleasantly surprised that in finding ways to make the most of natural products or even by making your own skincare items, from naturally occurring ingredients isn’t just a great way to make the most of natural resources. But it could also help you to cut back on your spending because you aren’t always paying through the nose for expensive beauty regimes that aren’t doing the trick. With a lot of beauty products, you are in essence playing Russian Roulette, because if it’s not delivering what it promises on the package, it’s a complete waste. However, a lot of natural ingredients have been shown to have a great impact on your skin, so how can we get more of these in our lives?



The benefits of purchasing organic and natural products aren’t just having a great impact on the planet overall, but also there will be a lot less toxicity in the air, which has a direct impact on your complexion! The best approach is to make the most of the skin care products that have as few ingredients as possible, and if you’re after a few examples, you can look at these organic foundations online to get an idea of the various types of products available out there. Purchasing natural doesn’t mean a different quality or settling for a color tone that doesn’t suit your skin anymore!



Again, these sort of approaches can take some time to get right because of the effort involved, but a great place to start is by looking at the following ingredients that have been deemed essential for thousands of years.


Avocado. Full of good fats which are great for your diet but also it’s an excellent moisturizer which was used by the Aztecs during ancient times, so you can make your own DIY face mask with avocados to make the most of an antioxidant rich beauty regime. Add coarse sea salt or sugar into the mix and the mask will become an exfoliant!


Olive oil. Another dose of good fats, this common cooking ingredient is a great moisturizer because it penetrates deep into the skin for a longer lasting hydration. It’s also full of vitamins like vitamin E, which will help to minimize free radicals in the skin which is the cause of unsightly wrinkles!


Turmeric. This spice commonly used in Indian dishes will help to reduce skin pigmentation and help with the tone of your skin. As well as this, the anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties of the spice, commonly found in powder form, will help with clearing acne and leave your skin glowing. Mix this with some sea salt or olive oil for an excellent body scrub.

So as you can see, there are some proven ways to help your complexion without resorting to products that are full of chemicals. So the next time you’re thinking about investing in that expensive cleanser and foundation, you may want to go down the natural route and see how it benefits you! THANK ME LATER!!

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