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It’s that time of year again when JCPenney shows you why they are worth every penny (hahahha) Corny much? But seriously  JCPenney is a one-stop shopping destination offering a variety of stylish and affordable fashion and beauty merchandise. I had the best time at this event, which I brought the hubby along to get in on the action. Can we first talk about my outfit….laud I’m in love. Once I got the invite I immediately went on the JCPenney website to scope out what I wanted to wear. I don’t know if it’s because I’m getting older; but lately I really don’t have the patience to deal with wandering around a store until I find the perfect piece. I enjoy checking out the website first so I have an idea in mind on what looks I’m going for. Plus, I feel this way helps you to save your coints hunty.  Right now the Key trends for fall include Velvet Romance Denim Details Fashion Sweatshirts Sleeve Detail Modern Outer-Layers The New Green.  I was torn between the “Fashion Sweatshirts” and the” Romance Collection” which I ended up choosing because I love floral and the colors that were used in the collection. The “Romance collection also gave off such a girly vibe which I’m all about. The Sheerness of the blouse and the frill was everything! Snapped a quick picture on my way there.

On My Way!

Once I got there I was in awe of the decor. It was perfect, the mood was right and the wine was awesome. I definitely needed it after a stressful day. There was a fun DIY station, Photo booths, which everyone loved. They also had a party wave bar, so ladies were all lined up to get their hair did!! LOl. Clearly I was not on that line for obvious reasons hahahha. But I did take advantage of getting my lips done, in a pretty berry color from a Sephora artist. So I enjoyed that a lot, especially because he taught me a really cool trick.

I loved the boyfriend jeans with the pearl detail . I felt like the jean had the right amount of rips. I almost took it with me hahah.

Perfect Leather Jacket/ Outfit. YASSS

I forgot to mention that this event was hosted by Ali Fedotowsky. I couldn’t wait to meet her, and once I did we hit it off perfectly. LOL

Thanks for reading guys! Check out JCPenney’s fall fashion Here


What I wore: Blouse, {Here}  #AD


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