No matter how much we love our men, there are always things that can bug us about them, but we accept it because, well, we love them. But what if you knew there was something you could do to manage the ‘problems’? Here are some of the silliest, and most annoying habits men have, along with the best solutions to manage them. #ThankMeLater

Burping or farting without shame while we suffer from stomach ache.Why do men seem to be allowed to burp and fart in front of us and it be totally normal, while the idea of us doing it is terrible? It is natural right? Right. But for some reason, we give our stomachs so much grief from holding things in – and that hurts! So you make an ultimatum, either they refrain from making nasty sounds and smells, or you begin. Or even just tell him to leave the room when he does it, and then you can do the same. Seems fair right?! hahah

Spreading out their bodies and not caring if we’re comfortable.

Otherwise known as the ‘man spread’, this can happen wherever you are, the sofa, the bed, the shower, the bus – anywhere. They will kick their legs up, stretch their arms out, and sink down comfortable, while we’re left with a finger in the eye and a toe up the -. Anyway, what to do when this happens? Poke them in the belly when they’re not expecting it so they retract, and then give them a taste of their own medicine.

Attempting to grow a beard that is unkempt and itchy

Although times are changing and beards are now very fashionable and attractive, if your man is just starting to grow his but he’s not looking after it properly, this not only looks messy – but it hurts! Every time he goes in for the kiss, you’ll be left with irritated skin, which sometimes even acts out by turning red and spotty! If this is the case, encourage your man to sort it out properly – fine, grow the beard, but keep it in shape. Have a selection of razor blades for them to find when they walk into the bathroom and insist that they do something with it.

Looking at their phones while we talk and then asking “What?”

If you have a man that constantly has their eyes on their phone as you speak to them, quite obviously concentrating on something completely different than you, it can be very frustrating – especially when we’re asked to repeat ourselves! Why should we?

So the next time this happens, start whispering. So quiet that you can barely hear yourself. This will soon intrigue them and they’ll want to know what you’re talking about. Or just yell like I do. hahah

Unexpectedly bringing their friends along to what we thought was one-on-one time.

This is just rude, and regardless of whether you like his friends or not is irrelevant – it’s the principle. Although sometimes it’s important to remember that men can be a little slow, so if you weren’t absolutely specific in what the plans were, they’ll find any excuse. Don’t worry about it, have a great time with his buddies, and the next time you plan to have a quiet (romantic) night in together with candles and wine – invite all of your girlfriends and make it a spa evening

Spending more time in the mirror doing their hair than we do.

Okay ladies, you may not like the answer to this one – but it’s the truth. Sure, it can be pretty annoying sometimes when you’ve got ready as quick as you can so they don’t complain, while he is still looking in the mirror fixing his hair. While this may be frustrating – they’re making an effort in their appearance just like you do. It shouldn’t be different because they’re a guy. They care, and so they should, so leave them be.

Making us come to family events and then leaving us standing by ourselves.

Why did they even ask us to come in the first place? He’ll beg you to come, he’ll tell you that he really wants you to meet his Aunty this isn’t really his Aunty but she was always around so she’s really like an Aunty – he’ll tell you it means alot for you to meet her. And then ten minutes into arriving he’ll disappear, and you’ll be left standing like Bambi with an empty glass of wine in your hand! – Well, you know that distant Cousin that he doesn’t get along with? Isn’t he throwing a barbecue next week?… LOL

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, it was very fun to do this for ya’ll



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