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Okay so why is October about to be done!! I can’t believe it. I mean think about it, in a few weeks it’s Thanks Giving  and then Christmas…okay slow down Kelly. hahahha. Honestly I have been enjoying the October weather although I secretly want to wear my thigh high boots and leather jackets sigh. But October has allowed me to wear the heck out of my Kimonos and I aint mad at it. Kimonos are perfect during Fall, Spring and even Summer months as it;s super light weight and just such a funtional piece that every woman should have in her closet. It’s perfect for vacation too as it does’nt  require much room in your luggare at all. Kimonos to me are like blazers. You could be wearing the most basic outfit as a TShirt and Jeans and you throw on a blazer or Kimono and BAMMM!!! Next level slayage hahhaha okay I’m defintely hyped off this coffee the hubby just made me. Seriously ladies invest in these it will appear as if you took hours to plan your outfit when it actuality it took zero effort. Comment below if you would like me to talk about basic pieces every woman should own.

We took these pictures this past weekend the weather was over 70 degrees here in NYC so you know I had to pull out the crop top and open toe shoes. I love these ones, they are the perfect Fall booties. I’m also all about the gold detail and zipper action on the sides. We took the little one out for lunch and just hung out as a family. Lately we have just been enjoying each other on the weekends as we are all so busy during the week. October has been a struggle, normal bedtime for me James and I, is about 2 am sometimes even later. Then I’m up by 7am getting X ready for school .We are also trying to get use to the work load Xavier brings home now that he’s in 2nd grade. By the time I get him in the evenings and start Home Work we are not done until 8:30-9pm. plus he takes 3 test each week so its non stop  studying in this house. I even came up with a game that we play as a family to make studying fun for him. Between being an entrepreneur  taking care of my son and being a wife and staying pretty lolol it’s hard man. I managed to do my nails the night before we took these pictures. Yeap I do them myself I had to learn. I have no time to go to a nail salon. I will say I do prefer doing it myself, plus I love when folks stop me to ask which salon did I do it and I can proudly say; I did it myself haha.

You know what’s  interesting, I find that the older I’m getting I care more about how I spend my time. When I think about how much time I wasted sitting in a hair salon doing my hair, the travel time, the money, the annoying people I had to force conversations with so as it not to be awkward lol It grind my gears. I will never ever waste that amount of time again. I’m thinking about making another drastic change but for now headwraps are my life saver not only are they beautiful and stylish but it works for my lifestyle. If you are like me and juggle a lot and have no time try wearing a headwrap from WrapQueen{Shameless Plug} I promise you will love it.

Thanks for reading Beauties!

What I Wore: 

Kimono (M) {Here} Crop Top,{Here}  Velvet one {Here} {Here}{Here} Jeans, I’m a 3/4 and I wear (M) {Here} {Here} Headwrap {Here} Shoes, Random Boutique {Similar} love these {Here}

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