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If you don’t know now you know lol. As of late well the past two or tree years I have become a big fan of Halloween. I know, I know some feel it’s devil worshiping but really I’m just here for the costumes.{Inserts Hair Flip Emoji} Honestly, growing up we never did Halloween as it was considered a pagan holiday. Plus I’m Jamaican and the culture itself doesn’t celebrate Halloween.  But then I had a child lol… sigh and I started not taking Halloween so serious anymore. It really became all about the dressing up aspect of it, pretending to be someone else. I think it all started here. I cut my hair short 2 years ago and one day the hubby and I looked at each other while we were brainstorming ideas and we both said “Toni Braxton” I was so exited to do it especially because I did not need to buy anything but the belt and do my hair. Hard to believe,but this hairstyle actually cost me $100 plus tip smh. All you need for this costume is a pair of jeans a leather jacket, white tee and these days you can buy a wig and there you go.

I’ve always wanted to do Dionne from Clueless. I absolutely loved her- but I knew It was the perfect opportunity to do so when I met these two lovely ladies by my side. These girls are everything. I met them at my old job and the funny things is that we are all very much like the characters in the movie, its kind of frightening lol. We actually wore this to work and the entire office thought it was hilarious. We took pictures and laughed and ate lunch together. Thai basically made up her outfit by cutting overalls into shorts and Cher aka Megan and I bought our’s from a Halloween online store. The hubbz made my hat lol it was huggge, but I ended up loving the fact that it was so exaggerated. He stayed up all night to make it for me. The hat was simple as well you can check out your local Michael’s craft store if you are interested in this look.

Oh guess what! When I posted this picture on Halloween everyone started tagging me because Kelly Rowland decided to go as Dionne too. Honestly my costume looked better though hahah plus I had the gang haha. It was actually cute that both Kelly’s decided to go as Dionne.

Last but not least I decided to do this tribute to Janet Jackson. Poetic Justice was one of my favorite movies. And since I already had the braids that I used for Dionne I thought it would be cute to do this costume as well. It was super inexpensive. I ordered the hat and top from Amazon and the wig online. My jeans was thrifted.  Oh I also dressed my son up like Lucky aka Tupac haha.

So there you have it you guys. Which costume was your favorite? comment below to let me know…Hmmm wonder what I will do this year 🙂

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