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So I feel like I have not worn a skirt in forever, well a Maxi skirt yes!! But  a midi skirt its honestly been a while. The reason for that is simply I have had nowhere to go that really requires this look. I remember years ago all I wore was Midi Skirts from Shein. They are my absolute faves. I always wanted a Black & White so when I saw this one it was pretty much perfect. My only wish is if it was a tad bit poofier hahah I love big. The bigger the better, as you can see with my headwrap. I plan to wear this again later this season but next time with a black turtle neck or a mustard  one. I think that might be really nice against the black and white.Don’t you think?

 We decided to take the train into the city and park our car at the train station. We figured it would be a lot easier than driving especially with traffic and such. The hubby and I went to a Broadway show and dinner immediately after. I had the most amazing time. Oh and the weather was gorgeous here in New York. I desperately needed some husband and wife time as I’ve been so busy lately and feeling a bit stressed with everything that requires my attention. It’s so not easy being a girl boss. It appears glamorous but in actuality it’s a lot of sleepless nights, anxiety, and everything in between. It’s not for the weak I will tell you that. There are days that I’m so happy I literally want to do back flips around the house and then there are days that I want to bury myself under my blanket and watch Netflix and cry- I swear. There are times when I want a mother to call so she can tell me how pretty I am and how much she’s proud of me…you know all the things a good mom is supposed to say and be for their child. But the reality is I don’t have that and its okay, I still wouldn’t trade my life for the world.

Did you guys  know that orange is this seasons “It” color. I went to H&M this past week and to my surprise the entire store was Orange and Red. I was happy to see that I was right on trend. LOL

Thanks for reading guys!


What I Wore


Skirt {Here} Denim Shirt {Here} Heels {Old} Obsessed with these ones {Here} and {Here} Orange Headwrap {Here}

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