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So I’ve been getting that itch to do another celebrity look for less and I had to go with Kim. I would say my go to fashion girls who always leave me inspired is Kim K and Rihanna,  Rihanna not so much lately;not because she isn’t slaying the world; but I find most of her pieces now are super fancy and just harder to recreate. I enjoy recreating outfits that we usually have in our closets. Kim is perfect because her signature styles have always been basics, and every girl owns a few basics in their closet.  I must admit that this style  was definitely out of my comfort zone but I wanted to try it. That is what fashion is for right? Although many people love to hate Kim K the woman set trends. I meannnn no way on earth did I ever think baggy sweats and heels could be a thing- but surprisingly enough all your favorite online stores carry them now with the same heels as Kim. As I said this is a trend which is not for everyone but if you wanted to try something new, you never know, you might like it. I loved not feeling all tight in my usual  jeans attire. This was so comfy plus if you happen to eat a bit too much the sweatshirt was perfect to hide that tummy lol.


What do you guys think would you wear this? As for me yes I plan on wearing a whole lot of sweatpants and heels for the new year:)

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What I Wore

Grey SweatShirt {Similar}}{Similar} Soo Cute {Here} Sweat Pants {Here} Similar Look {Here} And {Here} Headwrap {Here}

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