When it comes to your beauty prep, you may find that you’re always excited to try out something new for special occasions. So, with the New Year’s celebrations getting closer, it’s likely that you’re already thinking about what you want to work with. Sometimes, you want to wait until you’ve found your outfit before you make any decision on what you’re going to do beauty wise. But there is one thing that you can decide on now – your nails. Because nails for New Year’s always tend to be cute and celebratory, no matter what you go for. So if you want to slay here are  some inspiration so you can figure out what you’re going to do, here are five ideas.

Extend Them

First up, you could think about going longer for the new year. If you have quite short nails naturally, this might feel like a little bit of a treat for you. Nail extensions can often look quite natural too. So if you don’t want to go super long, you don’t necessarily have to. If you want them to look like your own, rather than obviously fake nails, you can just go for a little extra length and they can look like your own. However, you may also love the long nail look. When that’s the case, go crazy with them!

Trend Them

If you are extending them and you don’t mind lots of length, then you could think about going for a trendy nail shape. On longer nails, the popular coffin shape as seen on MsMee is a great idea. Although it may take some getting used to if your nails are that little bit shorter normally, you’ll definitely look sassy for your New Year’s celebrations sporting this shape.

Pick A Pattern

Then, you’re going to want to think about the design you’re going for. And even if you tend to just go for one color or shade with your nails, it’s the festive period, so you should definitely think about going for something a little more exciting. Nail art can be a lot of fun, so you may want to find some cool inspiration online and see if there are any patterns that would give you a bold party look.I love this one.

Go For Glitter

If you’re not really one for patterns, then you should definitely think about working with glitter. Because glitter can be great at this time of year. But if you are doing them yourself, you’re going to want to make sure that you apply it well. Because it’s easy to apply glitter polish wrong, when it going to look better if you can apply it right as this post shows us. You’ll definitely feel party-ready that way.

Color Coordinate

Finally, you’re going to want to think about your colors. If you do already know what you’re wearing, then why not think about making sure your nails coordinate. Because sometimes, your look can be 10 times better just doing that.

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