If you want to progress your career, then it is going to take time, commitment and hard work. It won’t happen overnight, but if you work at it and follow some of the below advice, then you might end up in your dream job or with that promotion that you have always wanted.

Have A Goal

This cannot be overstated. You need to have a goal. You need to know what you are aiming for. If you don’t, then you won’t know what you need to do to achieve it. As well as having an overarching goal, you should have a series of smaller achievements that will help you reach this goal. For example, you might want to become a partner in a law firm, but you need to plan what you need to before that such as going to college, passing the bar, getting your first job etc. Each of these needs to planned out and you can take satisfaction in completing each one. However, without a goal, you aren’t going to get very far.

Excel At Your Job

While it takes more than simply being good at your job to do well, it is the best place to start. If you are lazy and regularly do a bad job, then people are not going to look twice at you when it comes to promotions or career development. You need to give 100% as often as you can and do your best to go above and beyond to show your commitment to the company and your career. If you are struggling to excel in your job, then you should seek the advice and guidance of your supervisor peers and see how they do it. You can learn a lot from others, and most people will be willing to help you to do better. Your supervisor wants you to be the best you can be because it reflects better on them and other members of your team will help you because it will help the team perform better.

Take On Additional Responsibilities

In many jobs, there will come a time when you can take on additional responsibilities. This might not mean extra pay or a promotion, but just more responsibility. These are things like being the first aid point for your office or taking an active role in something like health and safety. It could be anything, but if your managers see that you are taking an active role in trying to do more, then they will notice you far more. Everything that you do is also a great experience and the more things you can do the better you will be.

Gain More Experience

Speaking of experience, you should try to gain as much as possible. This might mean asking to shadow someone or work on a specific project that is around where you want to take your career. It might also be about spending time outside your normal work hours to learn about specific functions or processes that will help you in your job and career. A lot of the people who work above you have more experience than you do, so you should try your best to take advantage of that see if they won’t impart some of it to you.


Education is one of the best ways that you can advance your career. You can learn in numerous ways, such as through a college, in-house learning at your company or online. Whatever learning you take on will help you to be more knowledgeable about your job and career. There are certain qualifications that once you have them, you can apply for higher paying and better roles that will advance your career. You might take an online RN to BSN course if you are a nurse as this will give you the skills and qualifications to progress and take on a better position with more responsibilities, higher pay and help you work towards your eventual career goal. However, education means a lot of different things, and it can be as simple as taking an online course through something like Udemy or learning a second language on your phone through Duolingo. If you want a job eventually in another country or to work closely with clients from that country, then language skills are invaluable, and Duolingo is a free option for learning a language. Language skills are always in high demand and being fluent or partially fluent will help open up career doors that you previously didn’t have access to.


Networking is incredibly important for progressing your career. You should frequently attend networking events, but this should not be the only want that your network. Instead, you should network effectively within your current organization. This is because people often hire people that they like over people who are the best qualified for a role. That is because they know that they have to work with them on a daily basis and working with someone that they know and like often a  better option. This also means that you are more likely to get interviews, work, clients and numerous other things simply because you know the right people. Never underestimate the power networking.

Move To Another Company

You might not want to, but you might need to move to another company. The opportunities and career development option may not be available to you where you currently work, and if a better position becomes available, you should take it. Loyalty to a company only comes after loyalty to yourself and your career, and you shouldn’t feel guilty for leaving for a better job. Instead, it is the fact that you could move to a better role that might convince your current employer to offer you a promotion and pay increase. It is this kind of thing that makes the job market competitive, and if it moves you one step closer to your ultimate goal, then you need to take the opportunity with both hands and not have any regrets.

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