When we think about education, we often think much more about our children than we do ourselves; but with the trend of online learning taking over the internet, it’s never been easier to learn from home in a way for anyone.

There’s a popular saying that states something along the lines of “the more you earn the more you learn”, but learning is not limited to financial advantage.  Indeed, the expansion of self, in terms of your own development and the impact this has on your self-esteem and self-confidence levels is an often overlooked reason to invest in your educational and embrace the power of continual learning.


Whether you’re looking to learn a creative skill or craft, find a new way to make money while working from home, around your family commitments, or a chance to pursue an academic or vocational course such as a BA in Policing, there are a number of online police courses that can fit around your current commitments.  Indeed, the online learning climate is absolutely overflowing with opportunities to exercise your brain, learn something new, and enhance or completely change your career.


If you’re a parent, then one further benefit of expanding yourself with continual learning is that you will provide a great role model to your children.  The self-esteem hit you’ll get from learning something new and then mastering that subject is a great remedy for common mood ailments.


Then, there are the financial benefits.  In today’s world, most people can benefit from earning an extra source of income or improving their earning ability, and when you think about it, people are ultimately compensated based on the value they create for another.  


If you want to earn more, you need to create more value in terms of the end result you are providing; and one of the best ways to boost your income is to boost your perceived value, and for many employers, someone with a particular qualification or advanced level of education is perceived as more valuable to the organisation than someone without such an advanced education.  Whether this is true or not, is debatable, as there are plenty of employers that value life experience over academic qualifications.


However, you want education that is focused on a particular outcome; as an example, there’s a long standing joke about teenagers that go to university to study sociology or psychology but end up in a minimum wage job nothing to do with their studies.  You want to have a laser focus, as education is ultimately an investment – both in time and money; so, if for example you were to study a course in holistic therapy, do this with an end goal in mind… as an example, to launch your own massage or holistic therapy business.


In summary, education is a great way to expand your mind, increase your earning potential, be a great role model to your children, improve your self-esteem, self-worth and self-confidence… but make sure you invest in a course or program that provides ample return on investment for the time and money you are putting into it.


Thanks for reading guys!!


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