For better or for worse, career minded women in positions of power and leadership bear a greater responsibility than their male counterparts… So it stands to reason that they should be paid more, which is why it’s so frustrating that the gender pay gap could take over  200 years to completely close. Not only must they lead, manage and inspire on a daily basis, they must also provide an example for all the young women and girls struggling to work their way through the glass ceiling behind them. For those women who are also parents,like maself  the responsibility is doubles. We all want to show our children that they can achieve their dreams regardless of their gender. Thus, they must not only be at the top of their game, but an inspiration to those around them, old and young, male and female. This is one heck of a responsibility, but all over the world ladies are stepping up to the plate. Here are some ways in which you can lead by example just like them…


Show other working Moms that they can make it work

The path of a parent (especially a single parent) is often plagued by self doubt. Often the biggest glass ceiling is the one that we place over ourselves. Moreover, society conditions young women to believe that they should cease to dream big after the birth of their children. But as Ann Miura- Ko, founding partner of Floodgate told in this interview;

“For people who believe that women juggling a career and kids are a liability, I would posit that there are few people in the world who know how to multitask and ruthlessly prioritize like a mother of young kids. It’s been the key to my success.”

Be a model of responsibility on the road

Most career women spend a lot of time on the road, and (let’s face it) contend with unfair and unflattering stereotypes about female drivers on a daily basis. All professionals who drive as part of their job must be a model of responsibility on the road. This spills over into your home life too, as your children will inevitably pick up some of your bad driving habits. Even if it means that you sign up for adult driver’s education for a refresher course, one of the best places to bust misconceptions wide open is on the road. Plus, you’ll be doing your bit to make sure everyone stays safe.  

Make your team (and everyone else around you) feel valued

How do we measure success? Is it in what’s printed on our pay stub? Is it in people’s tone of voice when they call us “Ma’am”? Or is it in the way in which we’re regarded by our peers? Being forthcoming with our respect is one of the surest ways to get it in return. Showing your team that they’re valued not only helps to establish a happy and productive workplace culture, it also makes everyone’s work day a whole lot nicer.

Show your peers how to deal with adversity productively

There’s tremendous value in showing those around us that we can be at our best when the situation is at its worst. Being the model of calm, composure and quick thinking in a crisis is a great way to improve productivity while engendering a workplace culture that pulls together in times of crisis.


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