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The weather is getting nicer and that can only mean one thing. Travel!! Like a hardy paradox, South America is both stoic in its atmosphere yet incredibly soft and inviting. The North Atlantic takes not prisoners and relentlessly bashes waves against the shores, but South Atlantic comes to the rescue with heat from Africa. From some of the greatest seafood, you’ll ever be lucky enough to devour, to some of the best-produced meat for thousands of miles around. But I’ll take the seafood erryday lol. South America is where it’s happening right now, as the emerging economy of Brazil is shining a new light for tourists to come and explore. In this day and age, you need not confine yourself to just visiting one of the countries in this part of the world.

Riding the waves

We’ve all heard of the Titanic and the era of the ocean liners. These ships were built to brave the waves of the North Atlantic and deliver guests aboard to the Americas. This traditional form of transport has revolutionized for many decades, and now anyone can come on a great luxury world cruise. Whether you want to travel from Buenos Aires in Argentina to Santiago in Chile, or from Miami in America to Falklands of the United Kingdom, you’ll get there in style and comfort. Santa Barbara is for those looking for a bespoke luxury holiday but don’t want to go through every little stressful detail on their own. Simply contact the company, tell them what you want, and they’ll take care of whatever your heart desires.

Coastline towers

Recife in Brazil is your typical image of the nation. The towering apartment blocs and the business columns are brightly colored. They stand in the backdrop of a stunning coastline with the slightly darker waters of NorthWest Brazil. The city dates back to the 16th century after it was founded by the Portuguese explorers. It’s a place for art-lovers and those who want to explore the culture, music, architecture and historical timeline of the country.

Ye Olde Town

Montevideo is the capital city of Uruguay and founded in 1724 by a Spanish soldier. As one might expect in a capital city, the buildings are powerful and bold. The architecture takes influence from Spanish and Portuguese artists. The Palacio Legislativo which is the bicameral parliament building of Uruguay stands just a 10-minute drive away from the ports of Montevideo Bay. The Old Town still is the place to be in the city, as it harbors the best steakhouses you’ll get in the country. There are many sculptures and statues around the city that tell the story of how the city came into being for anyone with a nose for politics and history.

Standing stoic

The Falkland Islands are known for a recent event in geopolitics history, and that is the war that had to be fought for the freedom of its inhabitants. However, for a unique twist to the trip, you can visit the island to see it’s gathering of sea lions. If you’re feeling peckish after coming so close to these wonderful animals, how about a spot of traditional British cuisine? If fish and chips is just too stereotypical, there are lots of cafes and humble eateries with roast beef, lamb stew and plenty pints of ale waiting for you.

Of course, you can hop around Europe. Yes, you may be able to find mystical ruins in Asia. But, South America is where the impact of modernity is hitting hardest. Many of its nations are experiencing huge economic growth and so opening their doors to millions of tourists. Get there before everyone else does!


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