Most people reading this blog post will have been moisturising and cleansing for many years now. But – and be honest – how many of you pay attention to your chest? The truth is that this is an area that requires a lot of TLC. Your décolletage produces less oil than your face does and it is very fragile. Not only this, but it receives more exposure to the sun as well. All of this comes together to show why caring for your décolletage sooner rather than later is a must. Let’s take a look at the importance of this in more detail…

This is one of the first areas that shows signs of ageing – There is only one place to start this article, and it’s with the most hated subject of getting older. Did you know that the vast majority of sun damage occurs when you are a child or in your teens? It is also incredibly easy to do damage around this area. This is because the skin around your chest contains limited melanocytes and less sebaceous glands, which basically means you have fewer cells that protect your skin from UV rays. The skin around this area is also very thin. This is why it is a good idea to read up on decolletage skin care tips so that you can make sure your chest does not age quickly.  Because once the first signs start to appear, they can be incredibly difficult to reverse.

The skin around this area has special attributes and consequently it needs special care – There is no denying that your décolletage demands special care and attention. This is because it is an area of high histamine response. What does that ish mean you ask? Quite simply, re flushing can occur here. Because of this, it is critical to select a skin care product that does not have any fragrance in it so that you do not aggravate the skin.

Most people forget to cleanse this area correctly – Let’s face it, this is certainly a part of our body that we don’t cleanse as much as we should. We often forget about it. You need to get into the habit of treating your décolletage like you treat your face. Make this part of your daily routine, and you will soon get used to it.

Skipping SPF is not something that can be reversed – As mentioned in the introduction; your chest is one of the parts of your body that tends to be exposed to UV the most. Over time, your décolletage will experience a lot of harsh sun damage, and this is something that cannot be reversed. So, what can you do? Start looking after your décolletage better today! Make sure you wear a good amount of sunscreen whenever your chest and neck are not covered.

You can get ‘sleep wrinkles’ on your chest – You may have heard about sleep wrinkles, and no they are not a myth! You can get them, and you can get them on your chest! Are you someone that sleeps on her side? Apparently, this can have a sagging impact, as well as speeding up chest wrinkles. You need to try and master the art of sleeping on your back to prevent this. (It’s hard trust me)

Your standard body lotion is never going to be enough – Last but not least, a lot of people assume that the body lotion they use is going to be enough to care for their décolletage. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Skincare does not stop at the neck. The vast majority of daily body lotions are not sufficient enough to stop or delay the signs of ageing on this area. Why? Well, quite simply, it would be way to expensive to incorporate active ingredients at therapeutic concentrations in bog standard body lotions, and so that’s why your standard body lotions won’t suffice. You need specific skincare solutions designed for the décolletage area.

As you can see, there are many reasons why you should be paying greater attention to your décolletage and giving it the cleansing and nourishment that it deserves. From being one of the first places to show signs of ageing to being one of the areas that we often forget to cleanse, it is not hard to see why we all need to start caring for our décolletage more.

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