Islandchic77 Wrap Queen Headwraps

Hey Guys!!

Yay its Spring and guess what it’s still cold lol. But I’m all smiles because I get to wear the heck out of my coats! I’m so in love with this one, I mean look at the back it’s super chic and makes such a statement. I’m literally wearing Mom Jeans and a basic White Tee but somehow this coat has me feeling like a million bux. This month has been good to me so far, I’ve managed not to get sick and made time to eat at my favorite vegetarian restaurant in Brooklyn and Vegan Ice Cream shop…yes I’m that person who eats ice cream during the cold season. I never thought that would be me but since both spots are in Brooklyn  it only makes sense for the fam bam and I to do both when we are there, our little tradition. Plus the shop is soooo cute we eat inside and take pictures and enjoy each other. My favorite moments these days is spending time with them doing simply nothing but eating and talking best medicine ever. It’s so cool too, because we sit at the same spot in both places and the staff knows us-so we get special treatment and the food is fancy but the dress code is super chill -so I usually head there after I drop off the packages at night for a lil treat. I’m usually dressed in sweat pants a denim cap oversize coat and sneakers ….I definitely be on my Kanye ish hahahha .Oh and guess what your girl managed to get a pedicure. I swear I feel like a new woman. I didn’t get to do my nails yet, which I do myself thank you very much- but as soon as I get some more free time I will do just that and wax :).

Islandchic77 Wrap Queen Headwraps

How cute is this picture though? I love it so much;not quite sure what I’m looking for or who I’m looking at but I love it. I honestly was just so happy to be taking pictures again I felt alive and with this coat and headwrap girl you couldn’t tell me anything. Hands down I will never buy another black coat again, this will be it for me I swear. The movement of this coat is everything- it’s so luxe prepare to see it worn a million different ways.

Oooh did I mention that Cover Girl sent me some cool goodies for me to play with. I was too exited, I mean what girl doesn’t love makeup.Right? I Love the concealer and the setting spray- this face stayed on all day hunty!! I’m also wearing a lil highlight as well. Make sure you are following me on Instagram so you can zoom in when I post close ups!

Islandchic77 Wrap Queen Headwraps

Thanks for reading Loves, Happy Easter!


What I Wore: Coat  M {Here} Bag{Gucci} Jeans (Fashionova) Similar {Here} {Here} Cute White Tee{Here} and {Here} Headwrap {Here}


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