Hey Loves!!!!

Who missed me? I surely missed you guys so much. I have been thru hell and back these past few months. So first off I  got the flu twice….Like how? It was awful. I felt terrible; worse part is I couldn’t really rest either because as most of you or all of you know I have WrapQueen which has been keeping me  very very busy. So it seemed like my sickness was lasting forever oh and on top of that my son caught it too so I had to take care of him while sick too. Annnd to add to that I ended up with a really bad heat rash which lasted 7 days. Ya’ll should have seen me rubbing aloe vera plant all over my body and soaking in epsom salt and oatmeal…sigh.  I swear to god I can’t make this ish up. It was literally depressing smh. But now I’m feeling so much like Kelly again. I just need to do my nails and feet oh and wax hahah in order to feel complete, but I’m almost there:)

Okay so let’s get into this coat! It’s so amazing literally the fur is so soft and in person it appears to be super expensive. I’m just so mad that I did not get to wear it sooner.  So while everyone is complaining about the weather being cold in March I’m secretly like yessss as I have so much more coats that I need to get in before Spring. So keep snowing mother nature hahahah….I love that it’s a timeless statement piece that you can wear over and over again.  Believe it or not, I wore this outfit to the post office in NYC lol it’s the only place I visit on a regular these days. I didn’t plan on looking like this but the hubby kinda forced me to get ready and dress up. Poor guy had to deal with me being sick for so long and then with us both so busy; I’m lucky if I get to wash my face. As soon as we dropped off the packages we decided to quickly take some pictures. Then he surprised us {My son and I} with going to dinner afterwards, so good thing I washed my face and wore my show stopper coat hahah.

Thanks for reading guys


What I Wore:   Coat size M{Here}  I super adore this one too {Here} Jeans -Love this one {Here} {Here} Headwrap {Here}

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