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When we’re 15 or 16, we start looking at colleges and researching courses and subjects to help us further our education. We think about what we want to do with our lives and choose courses that will either get us the career that we want or get us on to the university degree that will help us along. When we are 16, we have the world at our feet. But, we’re not really ready.  We don’t have the experience, personality, commitments to be an  adult. We’re not the person we are going to become yet. Very few of us have the same relationships or friendship circles at 30 that we did at 15. We don’t vote the same way, we don’t listen to the same music, and we don’t like the same things. So, it’s only fair to assume that what we want from our careers might also be different. Take it from someone who now owns their own business!! 🙂

Many people stick with unhappy careers because they don’t know what else to do. They spent years and a lot of money gaining the qualifications they need to pursue one career, so they feel trapped and perhaps even guilty for wanting something different. But, it doesn’t need to be this way. It’s never too late to make a change and find the career that you want. Here’s a look at what you need to do before you take the leap.

Make Sure It’s What You Want


It’s never too late, but that doesn’t mean it’s something that you should rush into. We all have bad days and even weeks at work. Sometimes, it’s just a phase that will pass. Don’t quit your job and rush off to find something different on a whim. The grass isn’t always greener after all. Take your time, speak to your friends and family and also your manager and colleagues. Make sure you are 100% sure before committing to anything.

Think About What You Do Want

Another mistake is rushing out of one career without any real idea of what you want to do. While taking your time to make sure you want to leave, start looking at your options. Are there any related careers that you think you might like? Where you could use your existing education, qualifications and experience to get a head start? Do you have freelance options? If not, think about your key skills. Many of the skills you’ve picked up both at work and in your home,  life will be transferable. Then, think about what you enjoy doing and feel passionate about.


Even if you’ve got the right skills and qualifications, you may need to do some more research and take on further training. Take a look at things like this school counsellor degree online, that you could complete around your current job.



When changing job, you may face a loss of income. You might need to take time away from work to train, to pay for courses or even find yourself out of work for a while until the right position comes up. Even if everything goes well your new job may have a much lower salary if you are taking a step down. Budget carefully and make sure you can afford it before rushing in.

So there you have it guys- Those are a few of my tips. I hope it helps.

Thanks for reading!


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