Women often search high and low for skin care tips which will revolutionize their beauty regime. Well, here’s one that you may not have come across before: feel comfortable in your skin. Yes, ladies, the key to looking great and turning heads is to exude confidence. Seriously, it adds an extra dimension to every outfit and helps you rock everything from a little black dress to flats.

As Christina Hibbert says, speaking on Bustle.com, “it comes down to self-worth – feeling that you are truly of value, no matter how you look or act or think.” Wow, pretty inspirational stuff, Mrs. H. Of course, women have been fighting to boost their self-esteem for years with varying results. If you have battled against it before, you’ll know it isn’t as easy as developing a positive mental attitude.

So, with the last sentence ringing in our ears, here are the ways to find beauty in the things you already possess. These are the essential self-help tips that relate to fashion and beau

Stop Seeking Validation

“Hey honey, what do you think of this new dress? Does it go with the shoes? Does it make my ass look fat?” As far as conversations go between girlfriends, this one is quite standard. Friends look to one another to provide feedback on fashion and beauty choices because they are trusted sources. If there’s a chance you’re going to seem out of place on a night out, the BFF should be the one to step up and say something. So, it never feels wrong to ask a bestie for their input, even though it’s potentially toxic. Obviously, a friend will give their honest opinion, which is cool, yet it sets women up for a fall. Because we have to ask in the first place, we are already letting the negative thoughts creep in. And, it means there’s a good chance you will find a fault in the outfit and grow to hate it. Girls who must ask for validation should learn to let the feedback go in one ear and out the other if they love the style.

If You Can’t Beat Them, Cheat Them

The title above is also known in some quarters as fake it until you make it. Both phrases mean the same thing: act as if you don’t care. Think about the most confident woman you’ve had the privilege to meet and analyze her aura. Do you think she wakes up every morning and thinks “I look amazing?” No, the reality is that this woman is a human being and suffers from anxiety and a lack of confidence just like everyone else. However, the difference between the queen of style and regular people is the attitude. She realized a while ago that there is no time for feeling sorry for herself or waiting for others to pass judgment. So, a decision was made to act as if she rocked every single outfit she ever wore. Obviously, it worked like a charm as she fooled you and nearly everyone else she has met. As scary as it sounds, you can do the same.

Get Some Z’s

Building up confidence isn’t a purely cosmetic deal; lifestyle changes help and hinder the process too. The prime example has to be sleep. When you’re tired and cranky, everything seems as if it isn’t going your way. It’s as if the world has a vendetta against only you and is making you pay. Of course, this couldn’t be farther from the truth, but perception is nine-tenths of beauty and fashion law. Clearly, it’s no wonder women feel conscious about their body when the wrong chemicals are produced. A quick fix is to erase bad hormones such as cortisol and replace them with positive ones. You can achieve this goal in a matter of days by simply getting an hour or two more sleep. Healthyplace.com/ spells it out in more detail, so click the link if you are curious. Plenty of reasons exist as to why REMS is impacted, but the main one is the mattress being too hard, too soft, or too old and in need of repair. Mattress-Guides.net/ has reviews for ladies who have no idea where to start. Plus, there’s always the lie-on-the-bed test.

Accept The Weak Points

Firstly, let’s begin by saying no one is perfect, which means every woman on the planet has fashion and beauty weaknesses. Yes, that goes for supermodels such as Cara Delevingne to the average woman on the street. Now that this is clear, it’s time to do some introspection and figure out your strengths and weaknesses. Please note that this process is by no means a smooth ride. You may find out things which will knock the confidence you have worked hard to build at first. Still, try to accept the truths you find and use them to your advantage. Okay, so the pins may not be the strongest feature, or it may be the arms or the butt or whatever. Rather than dressing to emphasize these weak areas, you should do the opposite. By switching focus to the awesome parts of the body, you’ll stand out more and receive more compliments. This will directly impact your self-esteem and confidence levels.

Be Aware

Understanding what works and what is a failure won’t happen overnight. For anyone seeking to find out their beauty weaknesses, you first have to become self-aware. In short, it’s crucial to seek out the weak points. So, where does one begin? Well, start with compliments and honest assessments from unbiased sources. Ladies, we all know that random strangers are only too happy to provide their verdict, so let them. Granted, it can annoy at first as they aren’t the judges of fashion. Still, it’s a sign there is a weak spot. All you have to do is keep a mental note of the things that don’t seem to work well and decide whether it’s time to try something new. The same goes for good points, but the other way around. Another trick is to list them. Sure, it’s not the most enjoyable thing you’ll do all week, yet it’s better than living in denial. Never read too much into the data; simply collect it and then begin unpacking the secrets.

Sort Out Issues

The odds are high that there is something which makes you feel insecure. In general, women often have body issues because of weight loss and gain. It works both ways as in one instance you’re fat, and in another, you’re a rake in jeans. Geez, being a woman in this world isn’t easy! Although the cards aren’t stacked in our favor, we can fight back by tackling the problems which send a small shiver down the spine. Would you like to lose weight? If the answer is yes, then don’t be afraid to own it and accept the fact. Without acceptance, there is no way your body will suddenly shed the pounds healthily and without harm. Plus, lots of females find that the journey is one towards greater self-esteem. As the pounds fall off, it’s impossible not to feel a sense of pride and achievement, both of which contribute towards confidence. There aren’t many better feelings than fitting into an old, tight t-shirt.

Don’t Listen To The TV

Or the radio or the newspapers and glossy magazines for that matter; they’re bull! Let’s make an important distinction: women care about other women. When Emily Ratajkowski is posing nude on Instagram, everyone feels a pang of jealousy. Who wouldn’t want to look as good as she does? Still, no one should hate her for having a fantastic body as it’s her prerogative. Using similar logic, the same goes for the rest of the female population. Most of us accept that we will never rock a bikini like the Gigi Hadid’s of this world, and that’s fine. Remember, everyone has their strong and weak points. So, when the media spews out images of the perfect woman, try and take a step back. We are all different and no two ladies are alike, and that’s essential to remember. It means there is no need to try and kill oneself to be like the supermodels of the world. Simply be you and get to a point where you enjoy looking at your reflection in the mirror.

Surround Yourself With The Right People

A cliché though it may be, the people who love you the most don’t see your flaws. Instead, they focus on the positives and ensure that they tell you about them at every turn. Come on – it doesn’t get much better! Some may point out that it’s a one-way street, and they may be right. Still, it’s best to build confidence first and then be subjected to criticisms rather than the other way around. With this in mind, only let in the friends who make you feel good about your body and your choices. Sorry to be frank, but everyone else can go to hell!

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